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    Lydir (Child of Human and Sahar Ashia)

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    Lydir (Child of Human and Sahar Ashia) Empty Lydir (Child of Human and Sahar Ashia)

    Post  Kanchana on Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:31 pm

    Name: Lydir

    Age: 5 years

    Gender: Male

    Race: Half Elf - Half Human

    Decription: With startling blue eyes, he will always remind his mother of the awful eyes that had watched over her during her kidnapping. Red-brown hair grow in ready curls, falling around his face until cut. With full lips and pale skin, he will grow to be a very handsome man. He will mature to around 6ft4 and tower over most, including his mother and adoptive father. Unlike his mother, who can shift, he will be unable to change forms.

    Dragon: Amlaruil - hasn't met, hasn't hatched. [RPed by Erosaf]

    History: Born into a happy home, he was the son of Sahar and adopted by Drannor. But, mere days old, he is kidnapped and put into a orphanage in Hariv and cannot be found. Here he is shunned for being a half-breed, and tends to stay away from others. He will grow up to be the rider of the next Sun Dragon, and will stray from the 'light' side. But a clash in the sky will change it all....

    Personality: Raised in a tough life, he will never be shallow and will always deal with things on his own. He dislikes help and dislikes having others 'mother' him. Being raised away from his family, and in a orphanage, he finds it hard to fit in with his 'half human' status. He will never be bullied, always the 'bullyer' and will never be seen as the weakest link. MORE TO BE ADDED.....

    Family: Sahar and Human are his true parents. Sahar was raped by human, ending her to be pregnant. Adoptive father is Drannor and has twin half-siblings (Kasinda and Taeron).


    Baby/Toddler Image:


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