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One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

    Sahar Ashia

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    Sahar Ashia

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    Name: Sahar Ashia

    Age: 19 - just about to turn 30. Married 10 years to Drannor -

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Decription: She was short, standing at no more then 5ft 6. Long red tresses spilled down her back, pausing at around her narrow hips and if straightened, would easily touch the ground. High arched cheek bones, pallid skins stretched over the top. No freckles danced over her small nose. Her ears, like other elves of her kind, are pointed at the end and are often hidden by her long locks. Suprisingly, she is rather strong due to her healing past and is used to working quickly and quietly.
    Sahar couldn't lift a sword if it came to her, she is a healer not a harmer. Though, she knows how to use a bow and arrow.
    Long forest green skirts frame her narrow waist, spilling to just above the ground. A matching green tunic hug her perfectally, her red hair contrasting perfectally against the deep green. - One line pulled down the corner of her eye. The second middle claw yanked at the side of her mouth tearing down towards her chin. And the other clawed from her hair down to her eye. -

    Dragon: Cyara

    History: Sahar has had a different childhood from her kind. Raised by a kindly human woman named Raivata. She raised her, as well as several other human children while also being the healer of the town. She taught Sahar the ways of healing, of truth and of course some 'witchy' ways. (Not magic, more like wives tales to scare people).
    She left, after finding out that she wasn't actually human and hunts to find her true parents (who are actually dead).

    - Reaching Elven city, she meets General Drannor Silverleaf and falls in love with his handsome looks and charm. Though him, she meets Gem and though Gem, her long lost brother, Auraka who had been searching for her nearly 20 years. -

    - Drannor is framed for an elves death that wasn't his fault, saves him by announcing to the world she was pregnant (which she was) with his children, having his spare his life and the truth realised. -

    - Marries Drannor, almost 10 years married, and has twins Kasinda and Taeron. -

    - Kidnapped for 6 months with twin children, held in Caran Pinnath (Auraka was held there as well, but never knew) and was tortured. Here, she was raped and fell pregnant to a humans child -

    - Cyara finally frees Sahar and twins, they arrive home to find Drannor a mess and upset. While healing Taeron's wounds, he had to leave the room due to the blood and feels guilty for this. Sahar talks to him, trying to make him feel better, and somehow gets onto things from his untold past. He faints due to lack of diet [hadn't been eating due to Sahar's kidnapping and the wounds on his back]. When he wakes, he changes [into wolf] very close to Sahar and claws her face by mistake. Three different parts caught the blow, each from a separate claw on the right side. One line pulled down the corner of her eye. The second middle claw yanked at the side of her mouth tearing down towards her chin. And the other clawed from her hair down to her eye. -

    Personality: Quiet and shy, yet loving and caring. Sahar lives to serve, or at least care for. She is honest to the very bone and often doesn't get jokes and may take it the wrong way. Though, she has a firey temper and can hold a grudge for a long time if the person recieving it is deserving. She looks for the best in people and is often adverturous. Sometime, she also speaks without thinking which gets her into trouble from time to time.

    Family: Auraka (does not know though)
    Parents dead.
    Married to Drannor.
    Has twin children: Kasinda and Taeron


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