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    Challenge 1: Sahar Ashia and Auraka Lamya

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    Challenge 1: Sahar Ashia and Auraka Lamya Empty Challenge 1: Sahar Ashia and Auraka Lamya

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    Challenge One:

    Sahar Ashia

    Bright red curls tumbled over her narrow set shoulders, covering her pointed ears and face alike. Under the silken tresses rested a pair of ivy orbs, so deep and pure in colour that one could study them forever and never be bored of the deep swirling patterns. Though, the fiery tempered healer was short, short by both human and Elvin standards. She was hiding in the large town, doing what she did best. Heal and help others.
    But, today, it was clear of the sadness which hid deep behind their glassy depths. She was alone, as she had been for the past several years.
    A family which she had never known. An adoptive human family and never truly knowing she was different until she had left them behind and moved on for better things. Though her mind still drifted towards her adoptive human mother and siblings, she missed them greatly.
    It was a lot to take in for the young newly founded elf. At only 20 years, she knew nothing of her races past and seemed like an idiot to most. She had never even met another elf!
    And yet, oddly, it wasn’t this she wallowed in those facts tonight. It was the fact that she had lost a patient today. A young boy, of a mere 9 years old. It had been a simple case, a simple flu, and yet still he had died. Nothing, she had tried had worked.
    In all her years as a healer, this was the first time someone so young had died from something so simple, something so curable. She blamed herself, for not trying hard enough. His parents did as well, having told everyone in town about her failure as a healer.

    A sigh escaped her, her small hand rising to order a strong tasting beer. Something she rarely drank. With effort, she lifted her head and sipped at it with a face of distaste as the smooth liquid slid down her throat.
    Maybe this could wash away the worries of the day, she thought with a frown as rough lyrics drifted towards her.
    "Hey, you?"
    Her head slowly turned, the mass of red curls spilling over her back and onto her shoulders, though her pointed ears remained hidden behind them.
    "Yes?" she asked quietly, thinking she had made it quiet clear before with the other guys that she paid no attention to those hitting on her.
    "Can I buy you a drink?" asked the handsome featured Elvin-man.
    She knew he was Elvin due to a few simple facts. He was too handsome to be human, his features to smooth and not rough enough. His hair was long, in the fashion of the Elves and not at all a human fashion statement. Also, his movements were more fluid then any human she had ever met. Not to say she had ever met another of her kind before though…she was guessing and maybe hoping.

    He looked about 24, long brown hair sitting tied loosely and hanging over his right shoulder. A tight light brown tunic clinging to his clear muscles of his chest. A friendly smile with green orbs, matching her own, studying her with something that looked like amusement.
    "Don't worry, I’m not here to 'pick up' as you were telling the others before," he told her, hand waving a bartender over and ordering another drink and looking to Sahar for a reply.
    “Just a friendly drink.”
    "Sure," she said with a small shrug, uncaring. So he ordered another.

    "I'm Auraka," he said, offering a hand and she frowned at it.
    "Sahar Ashia..."
    The green eyes widened, staring at her more intensely then before as they traced over her features. Red hair. Freckle less skin. High arched cheek bones and small, willowy frame.

    Muttering under her breath, she stood to move away before he could ask about her failure, or something else.
    "No," he pleaded, grabbing her arm gently and tugged her back onto the stool "I need to tell you something."
    She sighed with defeat, looking upon him with boredom and gestured for him to hurry up so she could leave and drown her sorrows another way.
    "I'm your brother. Your older brother."

    She blinked. Well, that had not been what she was expecting. Nothing like what she had been expecting actually.
    "Okay..." she muttered, studying him with slight disbelief. Truthfully, from afar they looked nothing alike. He was older then her, by at least a few years, his hair was brown whereas hers were red. His straight, hers curly.
    But, now that she looked closer she could see the similarities between them. Green eyes, both sets as pure as the emerald itself. High arched cheekbones, common within many and yet not so common that it didn't count as a sibling similarity. Her skin was pale, his tanned but not so much that she couldn’t see the paleness under neither it all. Just the tan of one who spent most of their life outdoors.

    He looked upon her with earnest, waiting for a reply.
    "I've been looking for you, for the past 20 years," he told her honestly "ever since mother and father died."
    Her eyebrows rose, questioning. Time he proved it.
    "When was I born?"
    "Sometime between the 20th of May and the 3rd of June," he said with a small smile "mother disappeared sometime within them, pregnant with you and returned without you...she died a few weeks later, only days after father."
    "Okay.." she said, he was right. She had been born in the 1st of June "where was I raised?"
    "All I know was that it was with humans...mother knew someone, known as Raivata. A healer friend who raised orphaned children. I guess she took you there…but they claimed not to know you when I finally found the orphanage...."
    She nodded again, so far two for two.
    "One final question," she said "what was mother's and father's name?"
    "Mother was Idaila, father was Jermaya," he said "mother was a healer, as you are; father was a general in the army."
    She nodded again, having no idea if that was correct or not.
    "Okay then…”
    He laughed gently, a warm bubbly sound and flashed a genuine smile at her gruff response.
    “So did I get them right?” he asked, seeming to wonder if he actually know what he was talking about.
    ‘Yes...” she replied grudgingly, sipping at her beer again and staring at the wooden counter before her before tracing patterns on his rough surface with a hand.

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