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    Cyara - Sahar Ashia's Dragon

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    Cyara - Sahar Ashia's Dragon Empty Cyara - Sahar Ashia's Dragon

    Post  Kanchana on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:01 pm

    Dragon Name: Cyara

    Dragon's Age: 100+ Years

    Dragon's Breed: Day Dragon

    Dragon's Gender Female

    Description: Black scales clung to her body as skin did to a human, claws stood on the edge of her wings used for climbing into those hard to reach places that flying would not allow. Sharp claws defined her large feet and tail. Her eyes, surprisingly enough, at the deepest of greens and matching those of her rider. Large wings, able to carry her mass, rest by her side ready to fling out at a single moment of warning.

    Rider: Sahar Ashia

    History: Years the black dragon has flown alone, half her self missing. She had no mother, no father merely herself and the few odd creatures of the sky. A black dragon brought fear to hearts of the humans, due to her colour, but all she was merely looking for was her hearts-partner. Her missing half.
    Sahar has no idea she has another half, she knows of the dragons but doubts that she would ever meet one, let alone bond with one. When the to meet, the bond is clear.
    Cyara, Sahar names her. After the darkness of her scales.
    Sahar, the healer, and her dragon Cyara spend years together. They train, fight and generally help others when needed. Cyara, being a dragon of a wise background, teaches her rider more and more of the art of healing, making her one of the best well-known healer around.
    Drannor somewhere in the picture falls in love with Sahar, they get married and have 5 children (One set of twins, one set of triplets) and Cyara longs for her own. She then searches for a mate (I think it was Drannor's dragon actually lol) and has her own clutch. One of which is the next sun dragon (I think that was the plot last I can take that out if you want me to.)

    Personality: She is gentle as her rider. Quiet and thoughtful, she takes control in a situation calmly and is often known as the 'mother hen' of the other dragons. Easy to love, though she does not find a mate easily. Wise thoughts only add to her beauty. Though, despite all this, she has a firey nature with her rider and will threaten anyone who dares speak badly of her. She is protective of those she loves, but has a great sense of humor.

    Family: None. Mates with Neldor

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    accepted welcome back

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