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    Create an Elf, Human, or Half elf here


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    Create an Elf, Human, or Half elf here

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:51 am

    The elves are like humans in most respects, they have the same needs as a human would. However, there are two types of elves in Nuban. There are those who are from the forest in general, as well as the elves in the forest in the specific town of Taror.
    Do not eat meat in any form at all. Are powerful magic weilders, but cannot shape shift. Are lead by Queen Gem Hawksong.
    Can be a Dragon Rider
    Eat meat. Are druids and can shape shift into a predator of the land and a predator of the air at will. They get to choose one form for each. Are lead by Earl Drannor Silverleaf, however if they are talking to someone who is not from Taror, must get permission from Drannor or his family to tell them about their druid powers.
    Can be a Dragon Rider

    Are a mixture of their parents, as they are half elf and half human. At the moment they are a rarity, and have the combined strengths of both parents. It is unknown if a half elf desended from Taror can shapeshift, seeing as they his not been seen in the 5000 years elves and humans have coincided within Nuban.
    Have the facial features of the elves, but slightly more stamina than a normal human. Generally they are born from an elven mother and a human father, they are not possible the other way around. The most well known half elf alive is the daughter of Queen Ava Berilan and King Lindan Marcos. She is the heir to the human throne.
    Can be a Dragon Rider and can use magic if a dragon rider

    Led by Lindan Marcos, they have a serious hatred of the elves. Though there are some that are freindly towards the elves, they have to keep this secret. If their king and leader, King Lindan Marcos should find out, he willl torture them and then kill them.
    Can be a Dragon Rider and can only use magic if a dragon rider

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    Re: Create an Elf, Human, or Half elf here

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:05 am

    Please make them well rounded, and able to be believeable people thanks

    Queen Gem Vestelle Hawksong
    married to Prince Consort Auraka Lamya - Dragon: Gaelira [Sun Dragon] - children: Meira, Pollae and Hyber [triplets]
    Queen Keya Ava Marcos
    in a relationship with Glenawing Dragon: Velatha [Dawn Dragon] - no children
    Earl Drannor Wistari Silverleaf
    married to Lady Sahar Ashia Lamya - dragon: Neldor [Dusk Dragon] - shifts into a golden bear - Children: Taeron and Kasinda [twins]
    Rhyllae-Ash Slenderbow
    in relationship with Kiiron - Dragon: Onyx [Day Dragon] - no children
    Stewardess Ashlere Nuala Evenadari
    in relationships with Faeron - Dragon: none - no children
    Lady Maith Soora Silverleaf
    no relationship - no dragon - shifts into a chocolate wolf - no children

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