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    Šárka Dusk Dragon


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    Šárka Dusk Dragon

    Post  ala on Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:42 pm

    Dragon Name:Šárka

    Dragon's Age: 700

    Dragon's Breed: Dusk Dragon

    Dragon's Gender Female

    Description: She is a bright blue with a pale underside. Her horns, tail feathers, tips of her claws and eyes are all gold in colour.

    Rider: Opal (yet to meet)

    History: Šárka was one of five hatching to get to 200 the rest died, either from hunger, sickness or being killed while her mother was away when they were younger. They stuck together until they were all 350 then went on their own way. She grew larger and older every day but still she knew she needed to wait until she was 500 to know if she was to have a rider. she spent a lot of time sleeping and then when she needed she hunted. Every 10 years she would see how much taller she got and how much stronger. Sar did this until she 500. But she got on pull and knew she needed to wait longer. so she spent the next 150 years building her strength up, and played around with the clouds. She still felt no pull in all that time so she just gave up until 24 years later when she felt a small pull when a child was born. Know then that her rider would grow first then she would go meet her. But things kept her mind busy, so now 26 years later she looks for pull that had come and gone when her rider had been born.

    Personality: she is strong will and very patient with things. when she puts her mind to things nothing can stop her, she seems to have good but late timing i things.

    Family: they are all wild dragons

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    Re: Šárka Dusk Dragon

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