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    Create a Dragon

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    Information on the Dragons

    Okay guys there are five different types of dragons in this world. Ones that I CREATED...
    You may choose one, but you cannot have half one type half another in the same dragon. Keep them realistic to the breeds, seeing as I worked so hard on them to get them complete, their from a novel that I'm publishing.

    While clutches in the wild can be as big as forty eggs in one clutch, it is anticipated that only twenty of the hatchlings will make it to adulthood. When a clutch is from a ridden wyvern, at least thirty of the eggs survive, the mother can tell if she lays a dead 'cold' egg, she'll usually move it away for the good 'living' eggs and smash it with her tail.
    The eggs will hatch throughout the day, after a week of their mother incubating them. If it is night time when they hatch, a Moon Dragon is alive. The first moment of the sun peaking over the horizon draws the still rare Sun Dragons out. The rest of the dawn is reserved for the Dawn Dragons. While the sun blazes in the sky the Day dragons come on out. And as it sets, and the moon rises, the Dusk dragons are born.

    No longer one of a kind, these white wyverns can be marked with any colour the other dragon types are but only on their tail feathers, horns, claws and eyes. Usually in these places they will be the main colour of their sire.
    When a sun dragon feels the sunlight on her scales, she is able to shine very bright. Only a dawn dragon can look at her when she does that, any other dragon, or any other creature for that matter would be made blind for several minutes.
    To ensure that a new sun dragon is born, should she herself not be able to do it for what ever reason, she will usually allow a very close friend, a female of any dragon kind except for dusk dragon, to have one white egg.
    The sun dragon’s have but one enemy when it comes to the other types of dragons, and that is the dusk dragon. Unless they are for some odd reason fathered by one, sun dragons will fight dusk dragons to the death upon sight. There is not a chance for any friendship between them except for that one reason.
    Sun dragons are very fierce when it comes to protecting their loved one. They are also friendly and smart; they know when to run away and when not to. Never get in an argument with one as it might just be the last thing you ever do.
    The sun dragon currently alive in Nuban is Gaelira, the mount of Gem Hawksong the Queen of the elves. She was born to very odd parents. Her mother, Bizandra was a dawn dragon, but her father, Bjart was a dusk dragon. She herself has no idea how it was possible that she should have a dusk dragon for her father.

    Ice Stream
    Ice Fury
    Melee Combat
    Aerial Combat
    Electric Stream
    Electric Fury
    Electric Bomb
    Ice Stream -
    Ice Fury -
    Fire Fury
    Fire Bomb
    Fire Wall

    Dawn dragon
    Dawn dragons are special in their own way, though they are by no means rare n Nuban. Like the sun dragons before them, they have their own gift.
    Dawn dragons have the gift of healing and are very compassionate creatures. They can only heal other dragons.
    Though they often get into arguments with their rider’s if they are indeed ridden by and elf or human, they are the best friends someone could have.
    Though they usually only mate within their own kind, it is not the odd thing to occasionally see one individual as the mate of the current sun dragon. Dragons born in this pairing are in particularly strong ad smart, they and also rare.
    These dragons have several different colour variations. Gold, yellow, bronze ad orange these creatures are hunted sometimes by humans for their beautiful hides. To capture one of these creatures other than being the one who is meant to ride one, is very bad luck.
    Strong fighters, they know how to fight well, though it is often known that they are at their strongest during dawn. They hate no other type of dragons, but dusk dragons sometimes do get in their way and are tolerable.
    The eggs of dawn dragons are a dull cream in color, with very hard shells. This is so that when someone chooses to touch one of the eggs, they have no idea what color the dawn dragon will actually be.
    Electric Stream
    Electric Fury
    Melee Combat
    Aerial Combat
    Electric Bomb

    Dusk dragons
    Only ever green or blue in colour, these dragons are the lords of anything that can throw a shadow. They draw their strength from shadows, and can even create clouds in order to get big shadows that will make them strong. This poses a major threat to the sun dragon, as she needs the sunlight to be able to hold her own against one of these vicious brutes. Dusk dragons can heal humans and elves, not to mention hald elves but they cannot heal other dragons.
    They have been known to call clouds into being before meeting sun dragons in battle, only to make it all the more harder for their sun needing enemy.
    While neither good nor bad, some of them are born plain evil.
    Two such examples of the fact they can be both good and bad are:
    Bjart: a green dragon bonded to King Zelphar Hawksong, the father of Gem Hawksong. Bjart was a wise and kind green dragon, who never really saw the ways of his kind as anything but horrid. He sought to change that, and even fought one of his own brothers, the blue dragon, Rhothilion to the death. Sadly he lost that fight.
    Rhothilion: said to be over two hundred years old, he only ever is seen when battle is to take place, or when his rider, Lindan Marcos needs to ask him something that requires his knowledge to answer. Feared by the elves, he knows that one day he will meet the sun dragon, Gaelira and fight her to the death, though he sees her as a hatchling. He was born evil and likes to prey upon elfin children.
    Ice Stream - Must be taught by a Sun Dragon
    Ice Fury - Must be taught by a Sun Dragon
    Melee Combat - instinctual
    Aerial Combat - instinctual
    Fly - instinctual

    Moon Dragon
    Moon dragons; always lay eggs that are a steel grey. Though this is a deception as the dragon hiding inside is always either red or purple. They are said to have a shining mysterious aurora when the moonlight touches them at night. No one can explain what this is all about, which is rather confusing for everyone.
    They are rather subjective when it comes to taunts about the moon, as they were once her children. If taunted, they will attack the offending dragon. While they will not kill the offender, they will give a severe enough warning that the other dragon will never do it again.
    When they die, this is where they return to, to choose a new life.
    While fierce creatures, the one the love will see that they are very protective and rather friendly. No other dragon can see below this tough exterior. No one dares to try and sneak one from his already decided mate; it would mean the other’s death. They are fiercely loyal.
    Fire Fury
    Fire Bomb
    Fire Wall
    Melee combat
    Aerial combat

    Day dragon
    Day dragons, while like the sun dragon in the fact they can use the sun’s beauty to their advantage in battle, are not enemies of dusk dragons. Instead their enemy is the dawn dragon. While they will not fight to the death, the two dragon types always stay clear of each other. They will never find mates who are dawn dragons, because of this loathing. No one really knows why this hate is there.
    Contrary to their name, they are the colors of night, black, brown and grey. An odd thing and no one really knows what this happened for.
    Considerate of other dragon’s feelings, they tend to stick to their own kind. Though it is not the odd occasion where a day dragon has chosen a moon dragon for their mate. This is starting to become very common. They are very wise and are gentle natured. They are no easy to cause a fight with, as their logical minds make this almost impossible.
    They have the ability to sense the evil in a dragon before the other dragon is aware of it themselves.
    Their eggs are always a brilliant blue in color, though the dragons themselves are not.
    Earth Shot
    Melee Combat
    Aerial Combat
    Dragon Cannonball
    Earth Bomb
    Earth Flail
    Earth Pound

    IMPORTANT!!!! Dragon's seek out their riders while still eggs!


    [b]Dragon Name:[/b]

    [b]Dragon's Age: [/b]

    [b]Dragon's Breed:[/b] Please get permission to roleplay a Sun Dragon

    [b]Dragon's Gender[/b] [i]All Sun Dragon's are Female, but have permission before you make one.[/i]






    Please post the completed form in a new thread thanks

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