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    Terrador Dusk Dragon


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    Terrador Dusk Dragon Empty Terrador Dusk Dragon

    Post  Erosaf on Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:23 am

    Dragon Name: Terrador

    Dragon's Age: 1000

    Dragon's Breed:Dusk dragon

    Description: Terrador is a very bulkily built green dragon with a spiked club for a weapon on his tail.

    Rider: Princess Hycis Lauraselee Hawksong

    History: Terrador along with his freinds, Ignitus, Volteer and Terrador, is one of the ancient dragons. He has seen many wars and understands the way things are in Nuban, moreso than many others. He is the one who teaches Dusk Dragons to control their powers, alongside Cyril, though he has the added ability of being the master of earth.
    He still searches for his rider.

    Personality: Terrador, a battle-scarred warrior and the most militant of the Guardians. He is dedicated and focused on the practical art of battle. His solid demeanor and skill of speech makes him perfect for battle command. Not prone to erratic bouts of meaningless talk (Volteer) or prideful boasting (Cyril) or even fiery rage (Ignitus), Terrador is able to keep a level head in the face of greatest danger. He dislikes cowardice but is wise enough to know when to retreat. Terrador possesses the heart of a warrior and is the most powerful of all the Guardians when it comes down to brute strength. His discipline in the art of combat has provided him with a calm disposition, not prone to fits of rage, shows of pride or bursts of eccentric talk like his fellow Guardians. He does not judge others by their appearance or reputation but by their skills in battle, having much admiration for Spyro who proved himself in combat at such a young age. He speaks in a low, militant baritone voice.


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