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    Tashrin Dusk Dragon

    Little lost dragon

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    Tashrin Dusk Dragon Empty Tashrin Dusk Dragon

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    Dragon Name: Tashrin

    Dragon's Age: 500

    Dragon's Breed: Dusk

    Gender Male

    Description: Dark blue scales, over sized wings but they can serve as a defense by making a dome like shape around him and are oddly scaled more then normal and they act as protection when in dome mode. though due to this he can't fly as long as most of his kind.

    Rider: Vrans

    History: He's seen his share of fighting and stuff. Born in a clutch of 27 eggs 10 made it including him. Was picked on for his lack of ability to fly as long as his siblings could due to his armored wings though they stopped when one out right called him a 'Embarrassment to the family' and attacked him. He panicked and went into dome mode and his brother only made very minor scratches on Tashrin scales but had a very sore jaw. After that they stopped picking on him. when it came time to leave the nest he left with out much objection. After that he had a few fights with other dragons and hunters. When he found Vrans he knew he found his rider but getting him was the hard part. Thats about it the rest is now being written as he lives on.

    Personality: A bit family oriented. Can be nice but if you toy or threaten his loved ones he will get mad. He also hates to see others suffer for others foolishness. But if not made angry he's normally a understanding and helpful dragon.

    Family: His mother Vellinsit and his 10 siblings. He also considers Vrans his younger brother.

    Abilities: As of right now he can fly and fight melee. Stuff he needs to be taught are Ice Stream, Ice Fury, Aerial Combat

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