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    Rontu Moon Dragon


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    Post  ala on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:04 pm

    Dragon Name:Rontu

    Dragon's Age: 500

    Dragon's Breed:Moon Dragon

    Dragon's Gender Male

    Description: He is red in colour with yellow eyes, yellow tipped claws and horns.


    History: He hatched in the wild with his family and spent 100 years with them as they were all very close. Then he awoke to find them gone so he decided maybe to go join the elves. He spent much time around the elven cities and towns but he did not wish to be near any of them. He made a few friends among the dragons that were among the places he flew but many more just teased him, so after another 200 years of living like an outsider he just left.

    It seemed a long time that he flew but he knew he was now over the sea. He flew on a little more before coming to a small island. There he made his home mainly sleeping and eating though the next 199 years there. In his 500 year he felt a change coming and now knew he must wait every day until what tugged at his mind came to him. Then he was on the island, i felt his mind and knew very well that he would help the girl with him before himself, this is what i had been pulled to the island and had waited for all those years just waiting for the right one to come. He spent his time thinking and at the end of his 500 year they started to get ready to leave. this he could not let happen as he knew that the boy was not the right age to be chosen, almost but not just then. Rontu stopped them from leaving then told this boy whos name was Rowan that he would take them to the main land and that Rowan was his rider. He took them to where they are now, that is a small three sided hut in which Rontu always kept an eye on his rider.

    Personality: He tends to keep to him self but will do anything to help keep his rider and his sister safe from harm, he will not stand to have a single wall between him and Rowan. He is friendly to most others if friend.

    Family: his mother, farther and siblings were all wild dragons but sadly they disappeared and he does not know who or were they are.

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    Post  Erosaf on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:50 pm

    woah! Well done! Accepted

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