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    Spyro moon dragon


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    Spyro moon dragon Empty Spyro moon dragon

    Post  Erosaf on Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:24 am

    Dragon Name: Spyro

    Dragon's Age: 100

    Dragon's Breed:Moon Dragon

    Description: see pic

    Rider: none

    History: Spyro has lived out his live on Waenen Island, being trained to be what the dragon elders wished Malefor to be. Eventually he will fight with the other purple dragon to win.
    He understands what people want of him, and is a better dragon who wishes for none of the power Malefor has.

    Personality: Spyro is young and compassionate for others and he is always willing to help them no matter what happens. Spyro doesn't ask for rewards and is just happy to be a big help to those in danger. He is adventurous, curious about his past and eager to shape his future. Spyro shows the recklessness of an adolescent at times, but is slowly growing into the role of a leader of a proud species. He is a little naive about the ways of the world, but is eager to learn and grow; he is also very couragous and at one point saves Cynder from being destroyed when Convexity was collapsing after he frees her from Malefor's control.

    Cynder is his sister

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