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    Gaelira Sun Dragon


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    Gaelira Sun Dragon Empty Gaelira Sun Dragon

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:15 pm

    Dragon Name: Gaelira Wenada

    Dragon's Age: 900

    Dragon's Breed: Sun Dragon

    Description: She was powerful, the ruler of the skies. White gleamed her scales in hue, a burning orange was in her orb's hue. Odd though it was, both the colours of her mother and father were upon her. The orbs were her mother's, yet her horns, spikes and talons were a venomous green. Her tail feathers were a bright electric yellow like her mothers, and her teeth an iridescent white.

    Rider: Queen gem Hawksong

    History: Gaelira was born to two unlikely mates, a dawn wyvern called Bizandra and a dusk wyvern called Bjart. How a sun dragon could be sired by a dusk dragon remains to this day unknown. The hatred between sun and dusk seems to be too strong for such a thign to be possible. No one though would dare to bully her on behalf of her parantage, after all, a dragon cannot be blamed for her parents.
    As soon as began to mature and others could tell she was a Sun Wyvern, she was given her name, Gaelira, and she started her search for her chosen rider. She already knew Gem was the one for her, but she has not met her yet.

    Personality: fierce, smart, protective, freindly. Do not try argueing with her as it might be the last thing you ever do.

    mother: Bizandra
    father: Bjart
    Uncle: Rhothilion:
    mate: Rasjar

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