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    Malefor moon dragon


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    Malefor moon dragon Empty Malefor moon dragon

    Post  Erosaf on Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:26 am

    Dragon Name: Malefor

    Dragon's Age: 1000

    Dragon's Breed:Moon Dragon

    Description: see pic

    Rider: none

    History: Malefor was a purple dragon and a talented one at that. He first mastered fire, then ice, wind, earth, electricity, and many other elements none thought existed. The Dragon Elders willingly taught him how to master the elements, but his power was unlimited and he consumed everything. When he would not stop, the Elders banished him to exile.
    Now though he is loyal to Lindan Marcos.

    Personality: It was said he was the first purple dragon ever born. Malefor is in many ways the exact opposite of Spyros. He is depicted as completely evil, possessing no comedic elements. He is also ruthless, sadistic, extremely cunning and deceitful, destructive, violent, and as his name dictates and represents, he is downright malevolent; the complete opposite of Spyro. While Spyro does good and wishes to protect the world he lives in, Malefor seeks destruction of it, and will use all he can to finish what he started.
    He seems to personify the Deadly Sin of Gluttony for his uncontrollable hunger for power that has occurred since his corruption. He also possesses a fatalistic philosophy; believing it his fate and destiny to purify the world by destroying it so a new one would be created. Therefore, he most likely does not perceive himself as evil, more so as an anti-hero; using questionable means to accomplish a "noble" goal, though this may not be the case, as he doesn't appear to object to his title as the Dark Master. Judging from his ruthless and purely sadistic nature, Malefor is especially a murderer as he killed millions of creatures in his "quest to fulfill the destiny of the purple dragon."
    One of his most defining traits is his skill. While it appeared he'd sent Cynder to free him, it was ultimately all a plan to lure Spyro to the Well of Souls and set him free. He is also very skilled at using his opponent's faults against them, a prime example is his use of Cynder's past deeds and the fact he used her to free himself to make her doubt herself long enough for him to take control of her.
    But like all villains, he undervalues the true power of love when he uses Cynder to kill Spyro for his nonacceptance of the alleged truth and nature of the purple dragon race, only for her to break his bind when Spyro says he thinks there's nothing left to fight for.

    none, who could love him?

    Malefor moon dragon FD___Malefor_Concept_Sketch_1_by_WolfofSorrow

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