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    The Rules of the Site


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    The Rules of the Site

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:44 am

    Okay guys and girls, I know how much we all hate having a lot of rules to abide by, but having rules makes things a lot easier for the staff to keep this place running smoothly. I'll try and keep this short and sweet though for you all.

    Not many this time. Just basically the things that are and are not allowed in the frame of how the characters may act and what not.

    1.No swearing unless the situation expects such a response. There are people on here as young as thirteen, though I won't name names.

    2.If I see anything from staff in any role play that has no actual role-playing in a post with their own character when telling someone off, that staff member will be reprimanded. Only the ADMIN account is allowed to not post when telling some one off in a role play.

    3.You are only allowed a total of 6 human,elf and half elf characters. In addition you are allowed one wyvern [dragon] per character. Additional characters will be removed without warning, unless you have added them to the NPC [Non playable character] list as unofficial characters. This means a total of 12 characters

    4.No less than 100 words to each character in a post! How many times must I bring this one up? From now on, if you're caught doing less than this, and I will be checking, you will be automatically given a warning. Any thing less than 50 words makes it really hard for others to reply. Please if you have low muse, state this when you begin roleplaying that day, in each roleplay you're in, that way you don't get in trouble. And no, using the same excuse day after day wont work either!
    For new members, you only have to reach 25 words, but once you've been here for 3 months, I willl be expecting at least 50 words. A year and its the 100 words like everyone else.

    5. Please note that each character must be included in your challenge entries as well.

    6. Mature content is allowed, but if you're going to have it please include 'Warning: Mature Content' in the title. Thank you. Threads without this will be locked and removed.
    If you are posting elsewhere on the site the following rules apply to you. I will be watching for breaking's of these as well.

    1.No swearing, cussing or foul language is allowed anywhere on the site. If you see it, report it to the admin or moderator online at the time. If no staff are on, PM one of us and we will deal with it.

    2.If one of the staff brings something new into the site and you do not like the idea, please do not abuse them. I will admit that not everything will be liked by everyone. Please try and be courteous about it.

    3.No flaming others. If you don't like an idea, please don't be rude about it. We will not tolerate anyone picking on another member. Report it if you catch another member. This will give you a warning if you are caught.

    4.Should we have given you a warning, you may change it, by taking it up with the admin. They will talk with the moderator responsible, and get back to you on whether the moderator was being fair or not. I realise again that we all make mistakes.

    5.Treat other members with the respect that you would like to be treated. Being nice is not all that hard, even in the foulest of moods. Again not naming names here but there have been times when I have been that furious and nearly snapped. But no, I held myself in check and no damage done.

    Go into the sub board that is in the board this thread is in and go New Thread. then Fill out the Form!

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