Forces Collide

One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

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    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:46 am

    A great battle between humans and elves has been waging for a century now, and no one knows the true reason behind it. The main enemies in this war are, Queen Gem Hawksong of the elves and King Lindan Marcos of the humans. No one knows why Lindan Marcos hates the elves, but it is feared that one day they may figure this out. If that were to happen it would not be good for the humans as Gem will use anything to her advantage.

    If that was not enough the wyverns bonded to Gem and Lindan will have to fight and that is even worse for the land. Gem's wyvern, the beautiful white Sun wyvern, and Lindan Marcos' blue dusk wyvern are enemies from the moment they meet. However, Gaelira seems to think she can find a way to stop the coming conflict. "It must be done if we are not to be completely annilated as a race," she says.

    "You will never find a way, old white," retorts Rhothilion.

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