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    Vrans, Half elf

    Little lost dragon

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    Vrans, Half elf Empty Vrans, Half elf

    Post  Little lost dragon on Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:17 pm

    Name: Vrans

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Race: Half elf

    Decription: Tall for a elf. Silver eye's and looks like he can't eat enough. Where's dark blue clothing so he matches his dragon to.

    Dragon: Tashrin

    History: When he was born it was out in the forest. where no humans but his father was. Later he had to live with his mom or risk his dad being executed. He learned a few tricks here and there met his dad when he came to the forest and so on. When he met his dragon Tashrin... lets just say it was a bit of chasing and hid and seek.

    Personality: Can get secluded and a bit of a loner. Though Tashrin helps him with that.

    Family: His mother and father. He also considers Tashrin a big brother.

    Other: He knows a bit of healing magic and has a magical bow and arrow. (Magic extends range and has a ice trail behind it that freezes the arrow to its target if it hits for a few seconds.

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