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    Name: Princess Gemstarzah Vestelle Hawksong, Gem

    Age: 31

    Gender: female

    Race: Elf

    Decription: Being an elf she stands a little taller than most men at six foot tall. Though she is taller than most humans, like most other elves she is lighter than she looks. At first glance she seems skinnier than other elves and this seems to come back at various points of the books when she is tortured for information several times. Her eyes are the same blue as the sky is. Her hair is long and a bright healthy gold, it is normally straight and hangs past her shoulders. Though when she has to fight she does it up out of her face in a bun so it keeps out of the way. She hasa set of tattoos on the back of her shoulders and wrapping around her neck that signifies that she is one of the royal family. It is a silver dove that shows up against her skin.

    Dragon: Gaelira

    History: In the past her only plan for her whole life was to make sure that the elves had a Queen when her mother died. Something that ended up not being her only goal when the human and dwarf resistance asked for aide. She was sent by her mother with about fifty other elves to fight by the humans side. At that time, she was not that willing to help the humans. They seemed to look down on her and often said that she should not fight because she is a woman. Her elven companions though managed to convince the humans that she would be no trouble on the battle field. In the present though, she works most openly between the Freedom Seekers and her own people, relaying messages and taking things between the two. Her parents are often not in town though when she arrives in Anthatal, seeing as they are constantly under siege from Lindan Marcos on the forest's borders near Mithrim. Because of this she always enters the forest via the river nearest Nandaror, seeing as the elves in a lake near Qualohtarie in the mountains. Now she carries a black wyvern egg from town to town between the allies, in the hopes it will hatch. She still plans on becoming the leader of the elves. In the future, she knows that she will end up fighting with Lindan Marcos in battle against him personally and that one day he will fall. She knows though it will not be before her death.

    Personality: Physically she is very talented with a sword and knows more than one way of killing someone. Magic is also one of her magical defences. She will not even think of parley when orc's are around her. Mentally she has the power to see the future, but her visions are not always clear to her. Some of the time she has to wait for more information before she can figure out what they mean. She is however getting used to this, and by the end of the book has completely mastered her foresight gift and can use it on others! She does not really have that many strengths, other than the fact she knows how to lead others, and to do it well. She is also easily able to trust someone once she knows a little bit about them. Gem is very courageous and brave, torture is not something that works on her. It has become easy for her to hide her true emotions when there are humans or dwarves around. This can sometimes take a fair bit to get happening, but once she trusts you, it will take a lot to break that. She is a very savage fighter, one of the reasons that Gaelira chose her for. Weaknesses though she has a few of. Her foresight will not work when a person she is watching has orc's around them. She has not always liked humans and this may once more become the way she feels about them. A thing she struggles to keep repressed and not dominant when she deals with them. Also she will do anything to keep her family and friends safe regardless of the cost that might be involved. When it comes to dealing with a traitor, she will not hesitate when it comes to punishing them. When it comes to her enemy, Lindan Marcos, she will fight him without regard to her own safety.

    Family: To this day, her family includes her mother: Queen Laura and her father King Zelphar..
    She has two siblings, as she is one of three triplets, Gem, Elanil and Hycis
    PLus a cousin, Princess Keya Marcos, daughter to Lindan Mawrcos and her mother's sister Ava.


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