Forces Collide

One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

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    Name: Princess Keya Halama Marcos, Keya

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half Elf

    Decription: I have long black hair and mist colored grey eyes. Though my body is a mixture of elf and human I have all the strength and endurance of an elf. My ears are pointed, but only just at the tips. Other than my face, my body is human.

    Dragon: Velatha

    History:I was born in Mithrim, which explains the love of archery I have. After all my birth place is the town of archers. My life was a happy one and I have learnt things that make me able to say I can look after myself. My parents are My mother Ava Berilan and father Lindan Marcos.
    I am now expected to take my father's place when he dies, and help to rebuild the world that he has shattered with his hatred of elves.

    Personality: The only gift you need to know about is that I never miss with my arrows. Tell me to kill someone and even if they run they will die. My arrows go where they are told. I am smart and freindly, but I can be a spiteful girl if things go bad with someone. Do not get on my bad side.

    Family: my mother is the elf princess Ava Berilan, and my father is the human king Lindan Marcos. distant relation of Queen Gem.


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