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    Name: Opal Foxglove

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Decription:Opal has short dark blond hair mixed with black. Her eyes are of the darkest black and are like the eyes of a cats. She has a slim build but she is much stronger then most. she wears a dress with slits right up to her thigh and in places on the dress has been cut away. her skin has a light tan.

    Dragon: Šárka

    History: Opal is the first of the two girls born. Even though they were full sisters the younger one never knew she had an older sister. They meet many times and Opal looked at the long honey blond hair girl who love the horses she grew up with. Opal missed seeing her around when she went to their cousins farm. Opal grew older each year and always wondered why her mother kept them apart. After a time all thoughts of her nameless sister, whom she knew as Silver, went with the coming of humans. Her parents told her to run and find her sister. but she did not and hid in her room. The humans were searching for elves and that was we were. Opal was scared until they left. When her mother found her in her room she just shoke her head and said "Opal you must leave now people have seen what you are while you were playing, I told them i had just been giving you a room for the orphanage was full and that you had gone out, so now you must leave here in great haste and remember all i told you about surviving alone and take Swallow she may be great help and take your two swords and bow". That was 8 years ago now and she and her pure black fox have been living off what she can and where she can since but all the time chased by men.

    Personality: She is kind but rarely, she loves her family and friends greatly and will do what she can to help them. she is scared of those who chase her. She can get though things with her strong mind but sometimes things might be just to great for that will to kick in.

    Family: Her mothers name is Vlasta and her farther Agro. Her fox Black Swallow is more like a sister then a pet. She has a younger sister whom her parents kept at another house.


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