Forces Collide

One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

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    Name: Kiiron Taurtheldómion

    Age: 28 Years

    Gender: Male

    Race: Pure Elf (Mother General Elf, Father Taror Elf)

    Decription: With longish black hair that tends to fall over his eyes, Kiiron tends to have a habit of flicking his head so to remove it from his eyes. Dark blue eyes sparkle when happy, but rarely show emotion like a true knight. Well muscled, he walks with a 'fighters grace' and always seemed to be fluid.

    As Kiiron's father was a Taror elf, this means that he has another half. Just like his father before him, Kiiron can shift into a Snow Leopard.

    Dragon: None yet, nor does he believe he will become a rider.

    History: Born into a split house hold, Kiiron was raised to believe both the Taror and General elf sides. He was raised to hate humans, and after the death of his twin sister, Arna, and his parents at a young age, he didn't find it hard. At the tender age of 14, he moved away to be trained to be a true knight. But after the war against the humans, he had nothing left to do. Nothing to take his revenge out on. So he began to travel, but as a snow leopard.

    He has been alone for years now, and thought dead by many, but the odd sighting of a blue-eyed snow leopard allows the world to know he is alive.

    Kiiron's father was Auraka's uncle, so when his parents and sister died when he was young, he was taken in by his Aunt and Uncle and their son. They were raised like brothers, but haven't seen each other for around 29 years (Auraka left as soon as his parents died to find Sahar, Kiiron went at 14 to start his knightly training).

    Personality: Full of respect and honor, Kiiron finds it hard to do anything in a disrespectful way. But you have to earn his trust before you get it. Easy to love because of his looks, he is hard to even get a smile from. For someone he loves, they are the most important thing to him and most likely the most protected person. Never will harm come to you with this knight around.

    Mother: Tarra
    Father: Sellthal
    Siblings: - Arna (died at young age, due to attack by humans. Twin to Kirron and rarely known about).


    Elf Image: Kiiron Taurtheldómion Kenny_2__by_directionsforpest

    Shifter Image: Kiiron Taurtheldómion Snow_leopard_by_VikVik_MeepBeepWoo

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    accepted... lovely

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