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    Rhyllae-Ash Slenderbow


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    Post  Erosaf on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:07 am

    Name: Rhyllae-Ash Slenderbow. Often goes by Rhyllae, Rhy, or Ash.

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Race: half Elf

    Decription: Rhyllae is different to most standard elves. She has darker tanned skin, which is a light caramel brown, from her human father. Her hair is a dark shiny black. Her eyes are caramel brown.

    Dragon: Onyx a day dragon

    History: Rhyllae has learnt to fight and defend herself. She was a fighter in the battle with Lindan Marcos, though at the time she had no dragon by her side. She is one of the youngest fighters the elves have, even though she knows they are leaving Nuban, and she cannot go with them, which she thinks stinks.

    Personality: She is calm and freindly, a little too eager to do things, but also serious at the same time. She is intelligent and can defend herself.

    Her family is rather large, her mother has had several lovers in the past. One was a Taror elf, resulting in a brother and a sister, Jakaen and Talila. Another was human, and that resulted in Rhyllae. Then there was another Taror elf and this resulted in twin siblings Maeraon and Roanaella. And finally there was another human, giving her her sister Roan.


    Queen Gem Vestelle Hawksong
    married to Prince Consort Auraka Lamya - Dragon: Gaelira [Sun Dragon] - children: Meira, Pollae and Hyber [triplets]
    Queen Keya Ava Marcos
    in a relationship with Glenawing Dragon: Velatha [Dawn Dragon] - no children
    Earl Drannor Wistari Silverleaf
    married to Lady Sahar Ashia Lamya - dragon: Neldor [Dusk Dragon] - shifts into a golden bear - Children: Taeron and Kasinda [twins]
    Rhyllae-Ash Slenderbow
    in relationship with Kiiron - Dragon: Onyx [Day Dragon] - no children
    Stewardess Ashlere Nuala Evenadari
    in relationships with Faeron - Dragon: none - no children
    Lady Maith Soora Silverleaf
    no relationship - no dragon - shifts into a chocolate wolf - no children

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