Forces Collide

One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

    Drannor Silverleaf


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    Drannor Silverleaf

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:26 pm

    Name: Drannor Wistari Silverleaf, Drannor, Anno

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Race: Taror Elf

    Decription: he has long black hair, a mucular build and pretty green eyes. He will eventually become a vampire, though he is an elf right now

    Dragon: Neldor

    History: Exiled from Taror for something he never did on purpose, he has come to dwell within Anthatal and is now the leader of the group of warriors known as the Hawkblades. He answers to no one but the Queen.

    Personality:He is kind, gently, freindly, protective, and intelligent. Though he becomes very strong and fierce in battle.

    Mother: Soora
    Father: Wistari
    Siblings: twin sister: Maith
    mother's siblings: Zelphar Nightstar and Nuala Evandari
    cousins: Gem Hawksong, Elanil Hawksong, Hycis Hawksong, Ashlere Evandari


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