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One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

    Challenge 1: Tahuar Inarlesn -UNFINISHED-

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    Challenge 1: Tahuar Inarlesn -UNFINISHED- Empty Challenge 1: Tahuar Inarlesn -UNFINISHED-

    Post  Kanchana on Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:54 pm

    Challenge 1:

    Tahuar Inarlesn

    The heavy wooden door slammed opened, all pairs of male eyes within the bar landing upon the neat, young woman in the doorway.
    Her long brown locks were twisted high on top of her head in a tight bun like fashion, not a loose hair on show.
    A gleaming blue tinted sword rested upon her hip, swinging with quick movements of her graceful stride. A large, well looked after quiver and bow rested upon her narrow right shoulder unloaded and yet ready for quick use.
    Brown orbs glinted, a smirk growing in place of her otherwise unreadable expression.
    "Piss off," she snapped, a flick of her wrist sending the staring men away.
    She could be known as beautiful, despite the way her temper and hard personality scared people off.

    Armour of brown and green clinked together as she moved into the all male bar, clonking herself down on a stool and ordering a very unfeminine hard beer.
    She shot back the drink without so much as a cough before ordering another and staring at its brown, glass rim.

    "Hello pretty, can I get you a drink?" asked a rather good looking man as he sat beside her. Her brown eyes narrowed, glaring at the man.
    "No," she snapped, turning back to her drink and taking a sip.
    "Oh, come on gorgeous," he said, ordering her one anyway.
    "I said no," she hissed, standing and moving away to the corner by the fire place and settling with her back against the wall.
    He stood, heading over towards her again but she already loosened an arrow and missed his head by less then a hair.
    "Next time, sweetie," she said sweetly "I wont miss."


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