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    Ashlere Evandari [NOT COMPLETE]


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    Ashlere Evandari [NOT COMPLETE] Empty Ashlere Evandari [NOT COMPLETE]

    Post  Erosaf on Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:00 pm

    Name: Lady Ashlere Evandari, Lady of Mithrim, and Stewardess of the Throne

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Decription: Ashlere is one of the younger elves in the lands. She has long black hair that reaches halfway down her back which is straight and fine. She has pale skin, and green eyes.

    Dragon: Cynder - though she thinks there must be some mistake, that dragon is cruel -

    History: Ashlere was born to her parents in the middle of Autumn and is an only child. She was hidden away at the age of five in Aduran and was recovered ten years later by her mother. She has lived in Anthatal since, though she is also the heiress to Mithrim.

    Personality: Ashlere is a smart and kind girl who understands her world. Though she has lost her parents, she understands why they left and what they want her to do. She intends to live up to her role as Steward.

    Mother: Stewardess Nuala Evandari
    Maternal Grandmother: Stewardess Sharaer Evandari
    Maternal Grandfather: Lord Steoph Nightstar
    Maternal Family: lady Soora Silverleaf [aunt], Prince Consort Zelphar Nightstar [uncle], Earl Wistari Silverleaf [uncle], Earl Drannor Silverleaf [cousin], Lady Sahar Ashia Silverleaf [aunt], Queen Ava Berilan [aunt], Princess Keya Marcos [cousin], Queen Laura Berilan [aunt], Queen
    Father: Lord galan Evandari

    Queen Gem Vestelle Hawksong
    married to Prince Consort Auraka Lamya - Dragon: Gaelira [Sun Dragon] - children: Meira, Pollae and Hyber [triplets]
    Queen Keya Ava Marcos
    in a relationship with Glenawing Dragon: Velatha [Dawn Dragon] - no children
    Earl Drannor Wistari Silverleaf
    married to Lady Sahar Ashia Lamya - dragon: Neldor [Dusk Dragon] - shifts into a golden bear - Children: Taeron and Kasinda [twins]
    Rhyllae-Ash Slenderbow
    in relationship with Kiiron - Dragon: Onyx [Day Dragon] - no children
    Stewardess Ashlere Nuala Evenadari
    in relationships with Faeron - Dragon: none - no children
    Lady Maith Soora Silverleaf
    no relationship - no dragon - shifts into a chocolate wolf - no children

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