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    Aniel (Ani)

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    Post  Kanchana on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:54 pm

    Dragon Name: Aniel (Ani)

    Dragon's Age: 7 years

    Dragon's Breed: Moon Dragon

    Dragon's Gender Female

    Description: A deep red in colour, she gleams in both the day and the night. Being the Moon dragon she is, she shines more brightly then any under the stars.
    Silver runs her claws and a stripe up her back, small spikes starting to grow. Seeing as she is young, her wings are yet to start growing, rather she can glide due to small budding wings. She has no horns, due to still being young as well. She also somewhat appears as a dog....

    Rider: Faeron Nimdiren

    History: She was born and left, as most her age are. Mere days after she had hatched, her mother, a wild dragon, was killed in a fight against another over protective mother. Her father is unknown.
    Wandering, and being the soul survivor of her siblings, she wandered from the nest for the first time, following one mind set. Not that she knew what it was at the time. Only knowing that it was close.
    Days passed, no sign of what she was seeking for. And unknowing to the hunting life, the nameless hatchling collapsed of hunger and waited to die. Easy prey to others.
    But then he came to her, the thing she had been seeking found her weak little body and took her in, only knowing her to be a small dragon. Hatchlings were a rare sight, due to protective mothers and riders only pairing with fully mature dragons. Nursing her back to health, he named her Aniel or Ani for short.
    Once she was healthy once more, he hid her from the others worrying about what would happen if someone found out. So, he rose her as a mother would raise their child. He taught her to hunt, to hid and to generally be a dragon. He read book after book, spent hours watching riders practice. And slowly, the bond between them grew stronger. And they knew that they were met to join the rider ranks. But, since they were both so young, they would not be allowed. Faeron feared the worse would happen, they she would be taken away if they were caught so the hidden meetings continued. Now several years later, they are still hidden from others. There bond is closer then many of the other riders and they know all there is to know about one another.

    Personality: She is fiercely loyal to her rider, and would die for him. He is more then just one of her heart, he is her father, brother and rider all in one. They are both the only family they have. Without the other, they easily become distracted and often seek each others minds for comfort.

    Family: Her mother was killed. Her father in unknown.

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    accepted welcome back

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