Forces Collide

One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?



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    Decription:yellow eyes, has good musle tone from working on a farm and his pointed ears are hidden behind his longish hair


    History:Rowan was born just before his family were taken and turned into slaves that worked with many other elves and humans in a village.although this village was surrounded by a wall that none could get out. Then me and my little sister found a passage way under the wall. so after 8 years his sister got in trouble with a few guards and Rowan killed them then they ran. they got to a beach and needed a way to get over the sea that took them a year and Helaine never said were she got it. they were miles from the shore when solders came and saw that they were getting away. so after a time they ran out of food and water and came to the shore of an island. they lived there a year before finally start getting ready to leave when a dragon name Rontu appeared and told Rowan that he was his rider. so Runto took them to were they are now.

    Personality:Rowan is strong willed and will fight to keep his sister safe. he is kind and has a sweet heart. He will always get things done his own way.

    Family: Rowan has a sister and hpoes to free his parnets if they are not yet dead.


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    accepted. though whats the sister's name?

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