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    Volteer Dawn Dragon


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    Volteer Dawn Dragon Empty Volteer Dawn Dragon

    Post  Erosaf on Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:30 am

    Dragon Name: Volteer

    Dragon's Age: 1000

    Dragon's Breed:Dawn Dragon

    Description: see pic, though also has many electrical attacks

    Rider: Tahuar

    History: Cyril along with his freinds, Ignitus, Cyril and Terrador, is one of the ancient dragons. He has seen many wars and understands the way things are in Nuban, moreso than many others. He is the one who teaches Dawn Dragons to control their powers, though he has the added ability of being the master of electricity.
    He still searches for his rider.

    Personality: Quickwitted and fleet of foot, this lightning lizard says more than necessary and simply explodes onto any subject that sparks his interest. Well-versed in lore and legend, he is only too happy to add to any tale - as a wyrm of words, his spectacular speech will sizzle your sound sensors and burst your brain cells. Being the most excitable of the four, he is best suited for battles in the air allowing him to whip, whirl, flash, and fry enemies that may whizz by. He may very well have swallowed a Thesaurus with all that he can fit into a sentence! Nevertheless, Volteer is a friend and fellow to all, though none can keep that electric tongue of his from constantly wagging.


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