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    Post  Erosaf on Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:28 am

    Dragon Name: Cyril

    Dragon's Age: 1000

    Dragon's Breed:DuskDragon

    Description: Cyril is a light ble and purple dragon. The spines on his back start off blue but are white at the tips. see the pic for the rest of him. Has a ferocious ice braeth attack as well as normal flames and dusk dragon abilities

    Rider: none

    History: Cyril along with his freinds, Ignitus, Volteer and Terrador, is one of the ancient dragons. He has seen many wars and understands the way things are in Nuban, moreso than many others. He is the one who teaches Dusk Dragons to control their powers, though he has the added ability of being the master of ice.
    He still searches for his rider.

    Personality: Cyril is a coldly confident and predominately prideful dragon, who constantly brags about supposedly royal ancestry. He is brimming with pride and arrogance, claiming that his lineage is that of some long forgotten yet great dragons. He does not hold his tongue when speaking and he can often be sarcastic, Volteer usually being the target of these remarks due to the electric Guardian's incessant babbling. Despite his short comings, however, he knows when he should swallow his pride and do the right thing, admitting that Spyro is the way forwards and that he and his fellow Guardians must step aside.
    As a Master of Ice, his proficiency is unmatched by no one but Spyro in raw power, but it takes Cyrils tutoring to truly allow Spyro to be able to control his element efficiently and with any grace.


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