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    Romance in Adurna


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    Romance in Adurna Empty Romance in Adurna

    Post  Erosaf on Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:27 pm

    She moved through the trees rather happily, though she knew what she had to do eventually. She sighed. It was spring and she was so bored. Gem knew what spring meant for herself though. She was Thirty One years old which meant she had to find her mate. By the end of the Spring.
    God, no pressure, Mum and Dad, she thought sarcastically. Very few of the boys around her were interesting in the slightest.
    She smiled though as Gaelira chuckled. I rise soon to decide a mate. Every spring I will rise.

    Spring. The season of lovers and hope for the future. At 24 years, he knew it was time to start the search for the one he wanted to call his. Problem was that he already knew, but he wasn't sure she felt the same way.
    With a sigh, he stood and strapped his sword to his hip and left the modest house he called home. He spotted the red head, the one he still needed to speak to. The one unknowing that he was her brother.
    With yet another sigh, he crossed over the quiet path and knocked upon the door of the one he loved. Gem. Princess of the heart and of them.

    She smiled as she headed towards the door surprised when someone knocked on it just when she'd reached it. Opening it, she smiled. "Oh hello, Auraka." 
    It was a little surprising, she'd not known that he was coming here this time. Things like this seemed constant, where he was involved.

    He could not help the grin which appeared upon his features at the sight of her. Perfect, she was, in every way. 
    "Morning Gem," he greeted her. 
    "Are you free?" he asked, mind racing at his plan "to come fir a walk with me?"
    He shifted slightly, waiting for a response. 

    "Sure." She knew that her parents liekd Auraka, but what if he was the one?
    What would they think of then, for her to be with one of the Taror elves?
    Not that she could hold it against him.

    He smiled slightly, walking bit beside her and leading the way. He felt as if he hadn't seen her in ages, ever since she had returned, she had been busy with her duties.
    Leading her towards the gates to the forest, he lead the ways along the path and to a quiet lake nestled in the middle of the trees. There was a small blanket down, a food basket and other such things resting upon it.
    "Take a seat," he smiled, sitting on the other side and started pulling things from the basket.

    "I'm sorry we haven't talked in a while. My parents have been training me to take their place a lot of late." She sighed as she walked. There was so much that had to happen, and she knew that some of it was not the easiest of things to learn about. "It'll happen for real soon, and I know that when it happens, things will change for me."
    Moving into the clearing she smiled as she saw what was waiting for them. For now, she would not think about what was happening in her own life. The training was one thing, but the idea of being with him was something more to her at the moment.

    He nodded slightly with a shrug.
    "It's okay, I understand," he told her gently, handing her a plate with her favorite upon it. He had done his research.

    She sighed as she thought about the things yet to happen. She liked him, and she knew that they would be the ones to take her parents place, though she hid this from her face. All of a sudden her eyes seemed to glaze over as she saw something.
    Three dragons fought together, two of them were green and gold, the other a blue. She knew who each was, Bjart and Bizandra, the dragons of her parents. Rhothilion, Lindan Marcos dragon. All of a sudden Rhothilion snaked his head out, biting into the throat of his own brother.
    "How dare you!" were the last words Zelphar said, as his dragon plummeted, lifeless towards the ground, several hundred feet below.
    Bizandra roared, and attacked, but she also somehow met the same fate.
    "Oh no..." Gem groaned, as she saw her surroundings again. That vision, had been painful.

    Green eyes looked worriedly over her, wondering what was happening and what he could do to make it better. But before he could do much more then pull her closer, her sweating head resting in his lap, she came back around.
    He heard her sigh of worry and pain, gebmtly brushing locks from her face.
    "Gem?" he asked, hand resting lightly upon her cheek "are you okay love? Did you want to go home?"

    "I'll be fine," she reassured him.
    "Just a very painful to see vision, that is all."
    He'd know from her face that it was one that was going to happen soon.
    And it was not something that was going to be easy for anyone to know about.
    To lose the king and queen was a terrible blow for everyone.
    She knew that her parents were well loved and trusted by all the elves, and many of the humans.
    Much to Lindan Marcos annoyance when it came to the human side of things.
    A thing that the elves cared not about.

    A hand traced her cheek, green eyes shining with emotion that was normally hidden. Love. Worry. Trust. A gentle smile appeared, his soft thumb rubbing the relaxing, comforting pattern.
    They were close, heads almost touching. So, without thinking, he lent closer. His full lips brushing gently against hers.

    She smiled though, knowing that though it nearly caused her to faint from the panic that her vision caused her, she managed to rein in that. When he kissed her though, she found herself able to kiss him back as well.

    He pulled away after a moment, absently licking his lips and grinning as the taste of her remained. Oh, he wanted to kiss her forever. But there where other things to do first.
    "Gem?" he asked, gathering her attention "I have something to ask of you.....something big."
    His eyes sparkled, waiting for her response.

    She smiled at him again, knowing that there was only so much that she was able to deal with at the moment. Somehow though, she knew that there were things that needed her attention, but right now she only had one thing on her mind, finding her mate.
    "Yes?" she asked, seeming somewhat confused.

    "I know, as well as you do, that the time has come for us both to find mates. You, have the pressure of your parents and also the rest of the elven world making you chose, while I just wish to spend my days with someone," he said quietly, slightly nervous of what he was going to ask "and...Gem, I would love it if you would be that person."
    He shifted away from her slightly, kneeling on one knee in the human fashion and bared her the ring.
    "Princess Gemstarzah Vestelle Hawksong," he said formally "will you be my mate? And spend the days of forever with me?"

    She listened as he spoke, but when he asked her the one question she had been waiting for, she smiled. "Of course I will, Auraka." The words seemed almost like she'd parroted them, she'd seen this coming and they were the words which she'd used in the vision of today.

    He grinned, unable to stop the grin from appearing and kissed her again.
    "Thank you Gem," he said, hugging her tightly and pressing his lips to her forehead.
    "Now.." he paused, gazing down on her smaller form "what was this vision about?"
    He hadn't seen her so worried before.

    Gem sighed, thinking back quickly. The vision was only just in her mind still. "A fight between three dragons. Rhothilion, Bjart and Bizandra. Bjart and Bizandra los...." He'd know why she'd broken off at the moment, every elf knew who the riders of those two were. She shuddered, and one tear ran down her cheek.

    "Oh Gem," he sighed, brushing away her tears with a gentle thumb "I'm sorry you had to see there any way we could...change it? Stop it from happening?"
    He paused, thinking quickly "could another take their place?"

    "A while they've been planning to go and fight him personally, on their own. I don't think it will be stoppable." She sighed, it was a horrid part of her gift. "I can't see anyone managing to change their minds at all. I've been watching for someone able to, but no one can. They're leaving the night I'm crowned in their place."
    She sighed. Now could Rhothilion come out on top though against the two strongest dragons his own age?

    He sighed quietly, studying her in silence.
    "What if...I tried speaking to them?" he suggested, knowing that her parents had always been fond of him, surprisingly because he was a Taror elf.
    "I couldn't hurt," he said.

    Her mind searched quickly to see if he would be able to convince them against it. Then she sighed sadly. “No, not even you or Drannor could, and Drannor like me is related to them by blood.” that was something that made her rather uncomfortable at the moment. She did not want to lose them, but she would anyway.

    He sighed sadly, hand brushing her untamed hair from her face and kissing her forehead gently.
    "Do you want to head back? You should spend the time you have left with them," he said quietly, giving her a quick hug.
    "And tell them the great news," he chuckled lightly.

    "You ought to be there for the second one, Auraka," she reminded him. "After all, you still need to deal with my dad about this. That's not going to eb easy for you."Gem chuckled though. Only three more days she would have with her parents, and for some reason, she found that she could not really get used to the idea of spending a lot of time with them. "I spend most mornings with them as it is. It's enough."

    He grinned and nodded.
    "I already spoke to him..." he said with a shrug as if it was nothing. He as if it was nothing, but he was glad that he had asked her father for permission, glad to know he was wanted within the family.

    She laughed. “Good thinking, I think he would be furious had you not dealt with that before asking me.”
    Though she knew that this would make things harder for her, it did not seem to matter at the moment. “At least you don't have to worry about any planning, unlike me.”

    He chuckled lightly, messy her hair with a hand and flashed a grin.
    "I said I told your father, you have all the fun of telling your mother....I asked him not to tell her yet, until I knew what you were going to say," he said "and i'd love to help planning...if im allowed."

    She gasped at the words he said. “You had to leave me with the hard one, didn't you?” she sighed. Telling Luara was no easy thing. And to think that she was the one who had that job? “Anima.”

    He chuckle lightly with amusement, kissing her cheek with a gentle brush of his full lips.
    "I'll be with you," he told her, unable to stop grinning like an idiot.

    She smiled. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, to be honest. I know my mother’s not going to be pleased about this, but I don’t think it’ll be too hard on me telling her. Oh she’ll likely yell at me, but I don’t really care. It’s my choice, after all.”
    She chuckled. Things were not going to be easy, but what could her mother really do? Maybe she was worried all for nothing, who knew really.

    He frowned slightly, looking at her questionly before speaking.
    "Why would she yell at you? Hasn't she been telling you to get a mate?" he asked and his face cleared as he understood.
    "I'm from Taror."

    She sighed as she thought about this. “I guess so. It’s going to shock her anyway. Might as well get this over with.” It was not going to be fun at all. Things were going to be hard for her for the next few days, but she would get used to it. She had to, as the future queen.

    He broke into a relieved smile, kissing her cheek.
    "Good..." he murmered and sighed "did you want to start heading back?"

    He grinned, pulling both her and himself to their feet and pulling the basket filled with food over his arm, holding Gem’s hand with his other.
    “Don’t be such a drama queen,” he chided “it wont be that bad.”
    He looked down fondly, squeezing her hand gently and was glad to see his ring upon her finger. IT looked perfect.

    She sighed, shaking her head in amusement at his words.
    "No, not too bad, but still." A thing to be worried about, in her case at that.
    Smiling, she stood up. Then slowly she started back towards the town.
    "And I'm not being one," she protested.

    “Gem, you have every right to be, you are a princess after all,” he chuckled as they moved back towards the town, hands gripped tightly together.
    “Its why I love you,” he flashed her his loved dimpled smile.

    She sighed at his words. They were so true and she knew it. But she was not one for such things all the time. They were not things she was one to cause`. Smiling though she walked with him back into the city. There were so many things to do now, and she knew it. “I’m going to be very busy tomorrow. You might not see me till the actual day of.”

    He frowned slightly at the mention of not seeing her for a whole day, but nodded with defeat.
    “I guess..” he muttered.

    "You'll see, the time will go quickly. It's just one small day." She smiled at him. Then she laughed as one vision came to her. When it cleared she remarked, "Nice, Drannor." That was a pleasant one, and she knew that it would not matter if she told Auraka. He'd likely be pleased to hear about it.

    He sighed and nodded, a confused smile growing at her words about Drannor.
    "What about Drannor?" he asked, rubbing his thumb over the back of her smaller hand "and time always seems longer when your away from me..."
    He whispered it truthfully, knowing years seem to past for the moments without her.

    "Drannor's going to propose, and I know another thing, Sahar is going to accept. I knew that she would be asked by someone, I saw that a long time ago, but now, I know who it was referring to. Till now the face of the man who asked her was a blur from me, hidden."
    She laughed. It was a good day indeed for them all.

    He frowned slightly, unable to stop the natural reaction to the thought of his baby sitting getting married. Hell, she was already pregnant with twins!
    "So long as she's happy.." he said after a moment "and that Drannor continues being the good man I know him to be...he will be a good father."

    “Drannor thinks that if he gets into that area that he might become his father. I doubt that though, it would be a waste of him really. I know what Wistari did to him once, and I know that Drannor tries very hard not to become like his father. That was not a good elf at all, though I know that I might lose my captain one day soon. Somethings happening to his mother, and, time is against us all there. Soon he'll get a messenger, and it would not happen to be a good message from him.”
    She sighed. “it's not fair that one. He's going to be forced into something he's very much against.”

    He nodded, falling back onto the grass and pulling her down beside him, her small head resting on his muscled chest.
    " know I would kill him before I let him turn out like his father...right?" he whispered to her, all serious. If he so much as laid a wrong hand upon his sister, he was a dead man walking.
    He studied her blonde hair, his fingers playing with the tangled ends gently.
    "Though, I doubt he will," he said after a moment, having met the man in question several times.

    “Since you just said you might do that, I’ll be on the watch out for it. I won’t let you do that to my closest cousin.” She laughed though. “I doubt it. I've met Wistari once, and there is not a shred of him in Drannor. Else Drannor would not be in this city at all. Father would not have let in anyone like Wistari. All the Taror elves were banished once, though the reason eludes me.”
    She smiled at him.

    "Mostly because of him..." he muttered and sighed, staring at her with bright green orbs "and I wouldn't kill would upset you to much, maybe just beat him up."
    He chuckled lightly, kissing the top of her head gently.
    The silence grew over the couple, as did the settling night.
    "We should head back," he whispered, standing up and pulling her to her feet beside him.

    "Good thinking," she said, though she would not forget the things said today. There was so much to remember, but she knew that in time he would. Everything was good now. She was completely happy.
    Standing, she walked back towards the city, her smaller hand still in his.

    Giving her hand a warm squeeze, he lead the way along the twisting path deep in thought. Finally, things seemed to be falling into place.
    He had the girl of his dreams, a future before himself. He had found his sister, found her happy and mostly well.
    He sighed quietly, more content then he had been in a long time.

    She smiled as she walked. Everything was falling into place, as she had seen it would. That made her very happy at the moment. There were so many things that could happen to her. None of them though would ever part her from him. Never!

    He squeezed her as the gates appeared, walking though with merely a nod to one of his Hawkblade friends before heading up the pathway towards Gem's home. The sooner they did it, the sooner Gem would relax and not worry about so much.
    He kissed her brow, pausing before the door.
    "Ready?" he asked, eyes sparkling with amusement.

    As they reached the house her heat beat seemed to pick up, and it took some effort for her to calm herself back down. Why on earth was she so nervous. This was not something that she was used to being at all.
    “As ready as I'll ever be,” she squeaked.

    He chuckled, kissing her finger tips before pushing the door open and pulling Gem in behind him.
    "Zelphar and Laura?" he called, head peering into a few doors as he searched for her parents.
    "Gem and I would like to speak to you," he said, flashing Gem and smile and almost laughed at how nervous she was.

    “Be there in a minute,” Zelphar called from one of the many rooms. “Meet you in the study!”
    Gem grimaced. She was not so sure that things were going to be all that easy. Sighing though, she headed through the house, leading him through the hallways up to the study. She was nervous, but she did not understand how to get over her nerves.

    "Sure," he called back, leading the unwilling Gem into the study and sat on the couch, pulling Gem onto his lap and buried his face into her hair.
    "Breath," he whispered, kissing the back of her neck and chuckled, waiting for her parents to come.
    "Its not like its a death sentence."

    “how many of those have I given out in the past?” more than once, one was for her own cousin. Not the best thing to say, but it got her the point across. Slowly she managed to calm down, only just fully calm when her parents came in.
    “Good to see you again, Auraka,” Zelphar said, smiling.
    Laura smiled as well, she knew her daughter though and knew she was nervous.

    He flashed Gem a small sad smile, knowing it to be true.
    "You to Zelphar and Laura," he said easily, completely at ease with the family. His soft green eyes landed upon Gem as he hugged her tightly onto his lap, not embarrassed to show his affection in front of her parents.
    "Gem and I were wanting to tell you something," he told them, looking for Gem to speak.

    "Something we think that you'll both be pleased about," she added, looking at her parents. They both seemed amused that she had finished his sentence.
    She paused though, not really looking forwards to what it was.
    "What is it?" Laura asked, smiling at her daughter. She knew Gem would be a fine queen one of these days, if she was not so easily made nervous.
    "We're getting married."
    Her mother gasped in surprise.

    He flashed the king and queen a warm smile, nodding his head at Gem's words.
    "I proposed today...and for some reason she said yes," he chuckled, brushing a piece of hair from her cheek and looked towards the aging couple before them. He hoped they would be like that in years to come.
    Looking to Laura, he spoke once more.
    "That is...if you'll have me."

    "Did you think you would have to ask?" Laura asked, smiling at him. "I knew this would happen someday. You two weren't exactly hiding it. I already knew you'd come and tell us someday."
    Gem blushed. "Thanks, mother."
    Zelphar gave a short laugh. "I knew he was going to ask eventually, he already sought me out before today happened."
    "You were in on it?" Gem asked, rounding on her father.
    "Yes. He did the right thing by asking me first. Some would not bother with that little tradition. I'm glad he did, and i know he's worth you, else I'd have said no."

    He laughed at Gem's face, kissing her forehead with sparkling orbs and nodded his thanks to Laura.
    "Then I thank you for allowing me to have your wonderful daughter," he said and rose an eyebrow at Gem.
    "I already told you I asked your father, Gem," he said with a playful smile "is age getting to you already."
    He acted natural, feeling as if he was part of the family and not before the king and queen of his kind.

    “I didn’t believe you at the time,” she replied, blushing bright red. Her mother and father laughed.
    “NO one lies when we’re involved, you know that,” Laura said. There were so many things she could have said, and it was the one that told her off most.
    “I know, but I don’t have to believe them.”
    “She has a point, Laura,” Zelphar said. “We’re glad this happened though for both of you.”

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    Romance in Adurna Empty RIA Keya and Glenawing posts

    Post  Erosaf on Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:32 pm

    I was alone and I knew that. Also I was getting really tense, I was close to the city now. Likely already within sight of someone. Not that I really cared.
    Sighing I sat down, I needed to rest. I'd been walking for days and though I was so close to my goal, I was too tired.
    I wondered why no one had challenged me yet. There was no way they ought tbe letting me roam aroudn int he forest, I was Lindan Marcos' heir for darn sake....

    He dispatched of another elf with ease and speed and he sighed and looked around unempressed and he yelled out, "Is there anyone here who has the skill to actualy duel me?" he looked around no one stepped foward. GLenawing shook his head dismayed. He sheathed his blade and walked out from the areana.
    He sighed and sat down on a tree stump and looked around camly, it was spring. He cracked his neck and his knuckles and knew that his mother like all of the past years would pester him to find a mate. Luckily for the past five years he had been out of the forest and didn't have to deal with the mating season.

    She sighed as she moved through the trees. She knew who she was searching for, but she was so lost here in the forest. Getting past the sentries had been easy, Gem had given her something to get past there.
    She stumbled, she was so weary now, it was not funny.
    "Where is that city," she groaned.

    He saw Keya wandering around and laughed, "Keya your In the city well the outer part you won't see it as clearly due to the magic to prevent those who live outside of our forest not to see the cities, come with me I will give you admitence of the great city of the elves." he looked at her and grinned. "Come on then!" he knew though she would need to meet Zephar and Laura to be tested of her loyalty though he didn't doubt her they would as she was their neice.

    "That would make sense," she said, managing to smile pathetically at him. There were some things that she was not looking forwards to. "My father might be an issue there," she added. "No one here trusts him or me."
    That was something she knew well about. A thing that was going to cause her trouble, she was fairly sure. But it was not something she could do anything about at the moment. Not a chance of that being possible.
    She was the one stuck with him for a father.

    He sighed, "Come on time your met your Aunt and Uncle. I'm sure they'll be leniant towards you and not kill you on site." he began to walk towards the center of teh city the place of all of the nobles houses and the place of the palace. He looked at Keya and motioned for her to follow. He waited for her and sighed, "Come on hurry up at this rate you won't reach the city before the new year.

    "Ever heard of being tired?" she snapped. Helping Gem and Laura escape had cost her when it came to her father. He was furious with her, and she knew that he would have others searching for her. Not that they would be able to enter the forest, she'd gotten in thanks to Gem giving her something.
    They didn't have that said thing, even if they did, she doubted his men would be trusted there. It was not likely.
    At least her dragon was safe at the moment.
    "Velatha's looking for a way down to me," she said. "She'll join me soon."

    "Yes try staying in your father's prison for two months without seeing light held up by shackles, being tortured endlessly and then fighting that stupid rider?" he looked at her angerly, "Then loosing your family seeing them die in front of you tell me Keya?" he began to pace, "I have seen battles and I fought in countless of them I have took to siege of cities and stayed up and fought for days." he paused, "Tell your dragon to land in that clearing there." he pointed to a patch of clear grass large enough even for the largest dragon to land.

    She ignored the outburst that somehow she seemed to have caused.
    There's a clearing just ahead of us, she said.
    I see it. I'll be there in a minute, replied the golden dragon.
    Keya kept moving towards the clearing as her dragon landed carefully. "Here's someone you haven't actually met, Glenawing. This is Velatha, my dragon."
    "Greetings Glenawing," Velatha added, a smile on her huge face. Then she looked at her rider. She was hurt in a few places. A gentle stream of fire came from her nose as she healed her. Dawn dragon skills.

    He raised his eyebrow, "Hello Velatha." he loked up at her, "Interesting how I've met your rider a great deal but never her dragon."he walked around her, and looked at Keya, "A dawn dragon I see, she's a bit small compared to Veer." he grinned.

    "I'd be careful what you say about Velatha, Glenawing. Gaelira's her older sister." Keya laughed. "Surely you'd know all the male dragons are bigger than their female conterparts, with the exception of the Sun Dragon."
    Velatha snorted. "I can be seen that way. Just as I've heard a lot about you and none about this, Veer."
    "Who was talking about me?" called another voice as a white dragon soared down to them. Her carnelian orange eyes ran around the group before landing on Velatha. "Been a long time, younger sister. So this is your rider?"
    "Indeed Keya is."

    Glenawing smiled, "Keya I fear neather Gem nor Gaelira, Velatha who hasn't heard of the brave, strong, noble and charming General Glenawing? Veer his not to active in the war effort yet though he is farely charming good looking and would be an excellant mate." He looked to Gaelira, "Were's Gem I'm surprised she's not here to meet Keya." he looked down to Keya and sighed, "Sit down and relax I'll get someone to get you somehtign to drink and eat in a little bit." he sat down on the ground and began to pluck the blades of grass.

    "She can't be everywhere at once, Glenawing. She's been busy lately, what with helping planning a wedding and things." Gaelira chuckled though. "She knows your here, Keya and asked me to let you know that you're more than welcome there, seeing as you're also family to her."
    The white dragon smiled. Then her eyes went towards the other elf. "You've not been on our bad side if you think you're not afraid of us."

    "I've seen more scary geco's then you and Veer." he rolled his eyes sarcasticly, "Remmember I've also been against Marcos and Rhothilian." he paused, "Gem knows everything right." he grinned and sighed, "I can't wait for a good raid or battle there's nothing to do in the city besides eat, sleep and spar elves who can barely fight. I need a challenge." then he looked at Keya, "Hey you wanna spar me?" he was hoping she would say yes as out of everyone present she was the only one with the slightest chance of being a challenge to him, "You beat me we go somewhere of your choice, I beat you the other way around."

    She chuckled at what he said. "Seriously, thats not something I would have thought I'd hear from one of you." She smiled though. "That would be interesting actually I know how to fight, but I'm not the best, and I doubt I'd stand a chance."
    Though it was something she was interested in doing at the moment.
    She smiled. She knew though that her time here in the city was short.

    He grinned and looked at her, "Follow me." he began to walk towards the sparing fields. He waited for herthere and cracked his knuckles and his back. He also began to strech and get ready for the sparing though it would be easy the worst thing he could do is pull a muscell and injur himself in a stupid way.
    He waited for keya getting board he drew his sword and flailed it around and jabbed the air practicing.

    She chuckled, she knew what she was doing.. to some extent. She fought without her gifts though, and that was something she was pleased about. Getting to be able to do so, without the use of such a thing that would give her normally an upper hand was a good idea, she knew.
    It was not long before she reached him, drawing her own sword as well. She knew there were some things that she could not do, and beating him would be one of those things.

    He smiled and waited for her to attack and said calmly, "So ready to loose?" he grinned and girpped his sword less tightly allowing him to be more flexible and less rigid. ahe began to circle her waiting for any sign of her striking. He looked at her eyes which were beutiful and distracting. He flexed his arms and his legs getting ready to dodge a attack or an hit. He spun his sword and threw it from one hand to another waiting and continuing to wait for her to strike or to do anything as a matter of a fact.

    She chuckled, knowing she would lose. "I do not think that I will be able to beat you, Glenawing." She smiled though, and struck out, aiming for him though she was ready to block at will. She would have fun here. "I doubt someone half human like me could ever beat a pure elf." She knew it was not a possible thing. He would always be better than her, though she did not like that fact.

    he smiled and grinned at her and blocked the attack with a simple swipe of his hand. He saw many opening in her yet he decided to play around with her. "True Keya yet you are a better at the art of the blade then most of your full blooded humans no doubt." he continued to circle her and slowly, much slower then usual slashed at her chest knowing she would be easily able to side step or dodge the strike with ease and grace.

    She chuckled, managing to dodge him. "I trained for many hours a while ago, learning. Once I seemed to become stronger than him, even my father refused to train with me. I'm probably the best Nuduien has."
    Yet she knew there were many holes he was finding in her attacks, she heard it in his thoughts. "True is, I wish I never learned." She hated to hurt others, and things was something that made her realise that she really could hurt others if she was not so lucky. Her father would expect her to fight with her people and Glenawing's met in battle.

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    Romance in Adurna Empty Re: Romance in Adurna

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    I knew that it was spring. A time for rejoicing for those old enough. I was well and truly old enough. My thoughts turned to the red haired girl that I found really attractive to me. It was easy to hear her thoughts now, which was so helpful.
    She was thinking about me and that sort of flattered me. Not to mention she was only outside the building I was about to exit. Stepping out after she'd gone past, I said, "You're far from ugly, Sahar."

    The short red head turned quickly at his words, a blush creeping into her pale cheeks.
    "Ah.. Thanks Drannor," she said quietly, trying to think of anything but him. But it was hard, especially when his handsome self was right before you.
    Hands rubbed her huge stomach, feeling the kicks of the children she was to have. As the healer she was, she guessed it was twins, for she was way to large for only one at this stage. She still had another several months to go.
    "Can I help you with anything?" she asked, thin eyebrow rising in question.

    He chuckled as she turned to face him. "You're welcome," he said, kicking himself out of her head again. It was annoying when she said and did things that caught his attention like this. Not that it really mattered. "Yes. Relax, love."

    She smiled broadly, shallow dimples appearing in her pale skin.
    "I can try," she said with a chuckle looking up at him, studying him in the early morning sunlight.
    "Soo..." she said "what have you been up to?"

    He smiled, wrapping one arm around her easily. "Oh this and that with the other Hawkblades. Tornament coming up, and well, we're preparing for it."

    She melted under his touch, forming to his build and side quietly.
    "Sounds interesting," she told him.
    "Oh!" she gasped, grabbing his hand and resting it upon her stomach.
    "She's kicking!" she exclaimed, holding his hand there.

    His hand rested where her hand moved it and he smiled. "She is too," he said, smiling proudly at her. This was going to make his life more than interesting for him. There was one monster in the world who would have a kid of his own. Him.

    She grinned at him, love clear in her green orbs.
    "You know Drannor," she said quietly "I think it's twins."
    She kissed his cheek lightly, pulling away. Yes she was carrying his children, yes she loved him. But she wasn't sure if he returned such feelings.

    A monster like him had kids? And there was more than one coming? The surprise showed on his face, but he smiled, overjoyed. "I wonder if they'll like me?" he said, a little stunned.
    How was this possible?

    Her head twisted, shaking quickly and resting a small hand upon his handsome cheek.
    "No Drannor, I don't think so," she said quietly "at least not at first, I was pregnant before you changed...remember?"
    With a small smile, she kissed him gently. There where things she longed for, things from him and yet she did not dare even think with him around.

    He chuckled at her words.
    Some of the things in her head though confounded him.
    He could not grasp the full sentences easily as he used to.
    Confusion seemed to contort his face for a few moments as he struggled to figure out this barrier.
    What on earth could block him from reading her like he used to?
    This was something that distressed him at the moment.

    It was hard not to notice the worry and confusion on his features. How the blue eyes ran across her face, as I'd trying to see something he was unable to find.
    "Drannor?" she murmered "What's wrong?"

    "I don't know how to explain this, but I can't hear you as clearly as I could before. Broken sentences yes I can get those, but nothings coherent." It was a thing that shocked me. She'd know what I meant by 'hear you'. I was talking about her mind.

    She frowned, thinking deeply as her brows burrowed together.
    "What am I thinking now?" she asked, thinking hard on a few words.
    I love you...she thought, wondering if he could hear her thoughts now.
    Her hands absently rubbed her stomach, a smile growing.

    His face was blank as he concentrated as well. There was so much that she could be thinking at the moment, and not a word was coming to him at the moment. It seemd to show on his face though. "I don't know. I can't hear a word at the moment."

    She sighed with annoyance, though secretly pleased to be able to finally be able to think how handsome he looked without turning bright red.
    "Well..maybe your just tired?" she suggested with a shrug, hugging him gently "take a rest, and maybe later you'll be able to hear it.

    Drannor sighed. "I don't get tired," he reminded her. When was the last time he'd slept? he could not remember any more. Not that it mattered. "It'll come good in its own time I guess. maybe my power's weak at the moment cause I am." She would also know what he meant by that. Time to hunt again.

    She shrugged lightly "maybe because you changed...its gotten weaker?"
    She didn't know anymore, all she knew is that she was tried and getting fatter by the day.
    "Come on then," she said, tired now, "shall we head home?"

    She nodded, linking her arm though his and walked down the street hand in hand. She remembered walking the same road, with Drannor chained up. She had been walking proudly beside him, all other shunning him for killing someone he actually didn't kill.
    "I love you Drannor," she whispered quietly as the house came into view.

    Drannor smiled as he remembered the things that had happened here not too long ago. "It would seem that there are two elves who need teaching a lesson tomorrow." He chuckled at the thought.
    When they reached the front door, he unlocked it, and smiled at her. "You hungry?"

    She shook her head, red locks flickering.
    "Not really, but you are," she said moving inside the doorway and shrugging her heavy jacket off and smiling gently at him.
    "You know you are...and you don't need to ask love, I understand," she murmurered

    He sighed, looking at her. “not this time, Sahar. I'll hunt out in the forest, I think.” after what happened the last time, well, he was not game for that idea at all.

    Her head shook, blood red curls flying everywhere.
    "No Drannor," she said gently "you know you cant...what happens if someone sees you? If you catch scent of someone else and attack them? I cant bare the fact of loosing you. I trust you, and you stopped last time, just stop sooner this time."
    She smiled slightly.
    "Trust yourself as I do Drannor."

    Drannor sighed, listening to her again. She was making this so hard for him, and she likely knew it. "Wouldn't hunt in the actual forest. Probably go somewhere a long way from here, like the mountains or something." He sighed. She was so hard to win against some times. "I don't know if I;ll have any more control than last time." Which had been a disaster last time. he hated himself for nearly killing her.

    "Oh shush," she said, swiping his chest gently though she doubted he even felt the touch.
    "I'm a healer Drannor, I know how to look after myself, anyways...if what happens last time happens again, i'll just have to drink blood again."
    She shrugged it off as if it was nothing, but she knew he knew she hated the mere thought of doing that again.
    "I trust you," she whispered, kissing his cheek. She was willing do it for him, and for the others who would be hunted.

    He sighed. He could never win when it was her at the moment. Why that was, he did not really understand.
    “I guess you win,” he said, moving further up into the house. “How'd Cyara talk to you after the last time?”

    She sighed quietly at the mention of Cyara's reaction.
    "Well... she wanted to kill you for a moment, but understood when I explained why, she is as much as a healer as I am Drannor," she flashed him a small smile, following him deeper into the house after hanging up her coat.

    he chuckled. “Neldor would have been the same if it were you in my place.”

    She smiled slightly, guessing it to be true. But, unlike his mate, Neldor wasn't quiet as gentle or caring. Maybe it was a female thing, a motherly extra.
    Taking Drannor's hands gently in her own, she kissed his cheek and repeating the three words she seemed to be saying a lot lately.
    "I trust you."

    He sighed. As always she’d won when it came to this sort of thing. His mind roamed though, and though he seemed weakened by his own hunger, he could sense something was wrong. There was something going on in Gem’s head, but he was not going to say anything right now. Not until his strength was back once more.

    She noted the change of expression upon his face and sighed with feeling, before sending him a small hesitant smile.
    "Drannor?" she asked, calling him back "whats wrong...what have you heard?"

    He sighed, gazing down at her for a few seconds. His mind was reeling, trying t get a grip on what he needed to do now. Once he had though, he struck quickly. Again, he was surprsed by how she tasted, but he shook that off, this time not taking nearly as much as he had before puling away

    Her red head nodded quickly, knowing he needed his strength back to help her. Stepping closer to him and hugging him tightly.
    " need to feed..maybe you can help her then," she whispered, not wanting Gem to be taken over again.

    "I guess with time it gets easier. I had no clue what I was doing the other time."
    He chuckled. "I'll be back soon."
    Smiling, he stepped back for a moment, gathering all the strength inside him that was newly
    there, sending out one challenging thought.
    "Back off from our queen, or I will find and defeat you!"
    All the people and dragons would feel the shout from his mind, and he knew it.

    She gasped, still unused to the feeling of his sharp fangs digging into her soft neck and almost sighed with relief as he pulled away, obviously proud with himself for not harming her.
    “See,” she told him with a smile “wasn’t that bad.”

    He nodded. “I will be.” There was no chance of him doing something that would annoy her. He knew that the other mind had not backed off. Within seconds he was gone from the house. Streaking through the trees, searching for the one who he had challenged. He knew that everyone had recoiled from his challenge, but he did not really care.
    It was then that they met. The two male elves glared at each other. “Bad move, trying to take over our princess, Drian.”

    “Good,” she told him, rubbing the place where he had bit her gently. The mark were already healing.
    “Okay..well be home before dinner, I’m cooking your favourite tonight!” she called after him, moving back towards the kitchen and started one of her favourite things to make.
    She hummed as if nothing was wrong, well not that she could hear any of the mental battle which was about to begin. She was as blocked to him as he was to her.

    The two elves glared at each other. It was clear that Drian hated him. Really hated him. This was not going to be a mental battle after all. Drian leapt at Drannor, gasping as his sword rebounded off of Drannor without scratching him.
    "I've changed, Drian. You're going with me."
    The shouting of complaints from Drian was obvious the whole way back into the city. A few of the Hawkblades came soon though.

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