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One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

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    Challenge 1 - Adurna

    The scent of rain was heavy in the air as I walked through town. The smell was strong, and I knew that meant that rain would come soon. When it did, I knew that everyone would be worried about leaking roofs.

    This was because the town I live in at the moment is not full of well built buildings. Instead, some are crumbling and others are too drafty. The people here live in peace with what they have, since they haven’t the money to rebuild their houses to make them better.

    As I walked, I looked around in disgust. Humans are all around me, and I lucky to not have been discovered as what I really am by them as yet. If they were to figure it out, then I would have to flee and certainly never return. At the moment, I could not allow that to happen, I had been told to live here until someone came for me.

    When I was about fifteen, though to human eyes I looked to be about seven years old, my aunt Nuala had brought me here. My parents, Queen Laura Berilan and King Zelphar Nightstar, had both agreed that I should be hidden away somewhere that our enemy, King Lindan Marcos would not think that an elf could be hidden.

    To his eyes, hiding an elf in his domain would be folly, not many could hide amongst them and not be found out. Only if they were the age I was could one possibly manage it. At the age I had been at the time, I very much resembled a human. Not until we reach the age of thirty, do we start to resemble elves in any case. Though to the humans that would be the equivalent of a fifteen year old.

    This was the stage I was now at and I knew that things would start to get difficult for me. For one thing, in a few days I was being kicked out to find my own life, away from the friendly shelter of Hariv Orphanage. That I did not look forwards to, I was being kicked out just when the soldiers were due to come and recruit all the sixteen year old men for the army.

    The army that my parent's enemy, the human king, Lindan Marcos, commanded. More innocent boys for us elves to slaughter in battle. That really sickened me and most of my people because of the obvious desperation he was showing. Apparently he believed that mere numbers could win the war.

    My people knew different. It was not just numbers that would win this. Sure they helped, but an experienced elf warrior whether a girl or a boy, can cut down five humans in the time it takes one human to slay one elf. Experience was something that both sides needed.

    Soon I moved inside to a rather dingy inn. There was smoke in the air from a fireplace somewhere nearby. I looked about in the gloom, my eyesight keen. No one seemed to be sitting near the actual fireplace, so that seemed like a good place to settle for a meal.

    Though I was gloomy about the fact I would soon be homeless, I knew that I could enjoy myself while it lasted. It was then that I heard several familiar voices coming from one of the rooms corners.

    Instantly I swung in that direction to see that many of my companions in the orphanage were here, they seemed more happy than usual. I made my way over, to allow one of the girls to give me a hug when I was near enough.

    "Ah there you are, Greta," a feminine voice said. "I was starting to worry about you, dear."

    I stiffened at the ugly human name that she called me. That was not my real name. It was purely the name I used as a cover of my true identity. "I'm sorry for worrying you, m’am," I replied, apologetic but polite.

    There was nothing I could really do other than that. I had been raised by my real parents to always be polite, though I never thought the humans could deserve it.

    This said, I took a look at the table surrounded by the other orphans. It was filled with food and they were being exuberantly cheerful. "What are we celebrating?"

    "Collin's seventeenth birthday," one of the girls replied. I looked at her, it was a young seventeen year old blond haired girl. I smiled at her, she was in jolly spirits for one who's twin was about to be snatched away by the soldiers.

    "Happy birthday, Collin," I said, feigning excitement. I was not very excited about his birthday at all, he was one of my best friends and the soldiers would come for him tomorrow. The next time I would see him would likely be the day that he was killed like so many other boys his age.

    Of course, that realization sucked a lot. All too soon that would come, and I would have to comfort Sam, his twin, when they were forcibly parted by the soldiers.

    I was filled with rage as I thought these things about the war that had to end and soon. Collin was not the first boy who'd been taken since I came to the orphanage. Five others had been and though they said they would send word to us, they never had.

    Mrs. Glassby, the orphanage mistress was saddened by this. She had asked the guards if the boys were allowed to contact her, and they had said yes. When this answer was given, she asked why the boys had not. The guards refused to tell her why and nearly took her away from us for good.

    The youngest gaurd had had a heart though, and had convinced the others to leave her be. He had obviously not wanted us to all become homeless. Not that any of us children dared say anything to them at the time. Lest of all me. That would have been totally out of line and I would have aroused suspicion.

    "Come and eat, Greta," Collin called, happy to see me.

    I only did so, to let him be happy. Why spoil his birthday because of my own bad thoughts about what was to happen to him? He was only human, anyway.

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    Escaping the Recruiters

    I was rather groggy when I came to during the early evening. I could remember the recruiters coming towards me, and backing away to try and avoid them. How I came to be in this dingy, dirty room I had no idea though. What ever their plan was, they were not removing people from Adurna yet.

    This confused me. Surely when I had gone completely out of it these people would have seen my ears were not like theirs. This frightened me. If they knew that they had an elf in this jail cell, then Lindan Marcos would be on his way here now. There was no way he would not come if an elf was captured.

    I had to get out of here, that much was obvious. My slight headache was gone now, so I tried to get up. What a silly thing that seemed to be to try and do. I could not control any part of my body and that angered me.

    Then I heard light footsteps coming towards me and I glared in that direction angrily. If it was one of the recruiters, they were about to get a piece of my mind. No one wanted to be on the receiving end of that. Then I saw the face of the man coming towards me. He was not that much older than me and I could tell from his appearance that he was no mere foolish human.

    The man seemed to spot me and I watched as he came over and cut the bars of the cell I was in. then he walked over and kneeled next to me. He seemed concerned by how he found me. “Gem, what's wrong?”

    I looked up at him, feeling utterly hopeless. I could do nothing with my own body. “I can't move or anything. All I can do is talk. They paralysed me.” How hopeless did that sound? He’d left me for a few seconds and they had struck. “There are a lot of us like this in here.”

    I groaned. “This is going to make it hard for either of us to escape.” I remembered who he was seconds later.

    Glenawing picked me up gently. “Well that's not stopping me. No matter what we're getting home. I'll always be there for you.” He smiled and kissed me gently. "Like the promise I made all those years ago I will protect you not matter what, Gem.” He smiled at me.

    “I know you said that. And I also seem to remember things like that without fail,” I replied. “Even though that was a long time ago.” I smiled. “Let's get out of here, the sooner the better.”

    Just as we were about to get out of the jail, twenty of the town's human guards came into the corridor. “Stop right there!”

    Glenawing looked down at me for a couple of seconds, stopping where he was. Then he carefully put me down and I watched what he was going to do. He walked forwards a few steps from me towards the guards, lowering his hood. “Now stay back and away from us. No one gets hurt if you do that.” I could see that the guards looked uneasy at this turn in events, but that was only natural.

    Then we heard someone shouting something and the gaurds darted from the room. I knew almost right away why. I could smell smoke. Glenawing groaned and muttered, “Just what we need.”

    Oh hell, fires the last thing we need, I thought. Though it would provide us with some cover to escape in thanks to the smoke. I coughed involentarily, smoke was not something I could cope with for very long at all. This was going to be a very long day, I was sure of that.

    Glenawing picked me up agan and started to walk through the town. We almost reached the gates when he tripped and I hit the ground. That kind of hurt since there was no way I could stop myself from hitting it.

    Glenawing asked me if I was alright and the only response he got from me was another cough. I knew this was not a good thing. There was a lot of smoke in the air, but I knew that I would have been missed by now. “The recruiters are a separate group to the guards.”

    My throat was getting very sore now and I had only been in the smoke filled air for a few minutes. Another cough came out as Glenawing continued to walk with me. I knew why this was so bumpy people were rushing about to put the flames out.

    "Gem were going to the river to get you a drink alright?"

    I sighed. I knew I needed it. “Just listen if I tell you to go, get moving okay? I know what the recruiters are up to, their forcing everyone to head to the river. They’ll be able to capture more people that way. We can't go that way!”

    Glenawing nodded, "Well we need to get out of here as soon as we can it's not to safe and you need water. Anima I can't remember the spell to get water out of the ground it seems the smoke is having an affect on my thinking." he scowled and looked down at me, "Which is the safest way to go?"

    “The opposite way to all these people. Aim for the town gates. That’s the safest place to head to at the moment.” Not that they would be left unguarded at the moment. “Mind you they will try and stop us if they can.” A thing that really annoyed me at times.

    Glenawing nodded as he began to make his way to the town gates. He had to stop half way as he was out of breath and was tired. "Gem give me a moment I need to catch my breathe."

    Though I could not nodd or anything, I simply said, “Thats fine with me. Just we cant stay in one place for too long, else they will recapture me." I did not want that to happen again. “I doubt that golden needle hitting me again would be a good thing.”

    We made it to the gates and I was glad when we slipped out, unnoticed. There was nothing better for us than to put some distance between us and the town. “I seriously hope this wears off after a while. I've never seen those things before that they were using to capture people. All I know is that what ever the thing is, it activates immediately after entering someone.” Which was hell not a good thing, look at the effects it had. All I could do was talk and think.

    Glenawing nodded as he put her down. He found some dry sticks and grass and started a fire, "I might have seen this in the capital of the Humans they even used it on me it took three hours before it went away. YOu have about an hour I hope till you can move again."

    “I doubt it. There’s no way its weakening at all. All i can do is talk and think," I sighed. I had not any control over any other part of my body, a thing that was really starting to irk me. Elves were never meant to feel weak like I did right now. This was rediculous. And pointless to me.

    Glenawing laid down next to me, "Well when we get home the healers will check out what's wrong if it doesn't wear off." He smiled, "Let's hope for the best shall we."

    That in mind I drifted off to sleep.

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    Chapter 3

    She smiled as she saw the tree line not too far away. Thank goodness she was doing things for herself again. There was no chance she was coming home to her own people the way she had been. That odd spell that had kept her from doing anything but talking was gone from her at last.

    She knew though as they got closer towards the tree line that they would be stopped before they reached it. There was no chance that they would be allowed through without being questioned. It was something she knew she did not have to worry about, she'd pass easily. Though Keya would be troubled there. Gem knew who her parents were and they were going to be an issue.

    Words were something that made Keya nervous right now as she came closer to the line of trees she knew lead to the elves land. A thing that for her she actually dreaded in a way. There was not a chance she was going to be able to get into the forest. She knew her father was despised by the elves. For he was none other than Lindan Marcos, the human king. Her mother however was Queen Ava Berilan, sister she knew to Princess Gem's own mother. Perhaps she would be able to use that to her advantage. A glance though at Gem told her that there was not a chance of that happening. She seemed to be alert to everything. Her mind though reeled as she heard the thoughts going on around her.

    He looked a the tree line and smiled and looked at Keya and Gem. Gem seemed to be happy though keya was nervous. He walked more like sprinted to the tree line in anticipation to be home. Then he saw a bow pointed his face. He rolled his eyes and walked in and he heard "Halt." He frowned angerly, "Lower your bow soilder I am Glenawing General of the Eleven armies and I am with Gem the Crown Princess." he waited for the soilder to lower his weapon so he drew his to show it was him as he had a sword that was unique.

    Not one of the gaurds moved an inch at that set of words. Sure they knew it was him, but they didn't move because of who else was with him. They eyes moved towards Gem and Keya now. Gem smiled, she was confident.

    “Yaa are lle!” one of the elves, a male asked Gem. “Mani ness ha lle sinome in ese tuar?”

    Gem sighed. “Amin essa is Gem Hawksong tinu en’ Aran Zelphar Nightstar ar Tari Laura Berilan,” She said. “Amin wish entul eska!”

    “Prove to us who you say you are,” one of the replied, jumping down and walking closer to her.

    Of course they could not see her face; after all she was wearing a hood, since it was cold at nights. She laughed for a second and once he was well and truly close enough to recognize her, she swept her hood back so that her face was revealed. Then she turned just a moment, so he'd spot the silver dove on one of her shoulder blades. "Who carries that mark except the daughter of Laura and Zelphar?" Turning back, she smiled as his eyes looked at her in shock.

    “It is you!” he said.

    She knew that he had not trusted her because of the fact he could not see her face. After all, anyone could say that they were her; he had to check for that mark when it came to that.

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