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    Prologue - The faults of the Riders


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    Prologue - The faults of the Riders Empty Prologue - The faults of the Riders

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:08 pm

    A tall elf walked among those who were her kin among the Dragon Riders. She knew that things were getting difficult for some of the Riders, and Lindan Marcos and his brown dragon Ruthon were getting too hard to keep in line. This was something that she knew had to be dealt with. The young human rider had only just completed his training and it was Laura herself who had trained him.

    There was a rather dangerous mission coming up though that needed taking care of. A group of orcs, numbers higher than normal for the group, kept attacking one of the other cities in Nuban.

    "Send them to deal with the orcs. Should knock some sense into him," one of the other elders told her.

    "I suppose we shall have to." She sighed. "Ruthon though is a good dragon. He knows what it means to be one of us. Lindan Marcos is a bad influence on him." She sighed. Doing this would likely turn the young human king into madness, but it mattered not to her at the moment. She knew that things had to be done every now and again that would not be liked by some. Unfortunately for those people who did not like the idea, she was that one that gave the orders and no one else. "Go, bring them here," she said, sitting down.

    One of the other Riders left the room.


    "Rider Lindan!" called one of the elves, spotting the brown haired, grey eyed human youth.

    He looked up and smiled. "Yes Elder?" There was a rather cocky attitude in the words that he said. Ruthon looked up, and snorted.

    'Greetings Elder,' the brown dragon said politely out loud. He like everyone other dragon in Nuban, spoke through his mouth like the humans, elves and orcs did. 'What brings you?'

    "A task from the Head Rider. She wishes for the pair of you to go and speak with her. Head Rider Laura has a job for the pair of you," the elf replied. She smiled though, knowing that this was something that King Lindan Marcos would not be able to refuse. If there was something that the Riders wanted him to do, then he would never refuse. It was that cocky overly bold side of him that would now lead to his demise, not that he knew that at the moment. This trap was too easily laid before him, ready to snare Ruthon away from him.

    "I'll come soon enough."

    She nodded and then moved away to find her dragon again.


    "He took the bait," the elf said, after Laura asked if the boy was coming here. There was no doubt that Nuban would soon be rid of a useless Dragon Rider. One with no respect for others.

    "Good, I will wait for him here. Soon we won't have to worry about him much longer," Laura replied. She sighed, thinking of her lost daughter. Gem had to be out there somewhere. There was no chance of this not being possible.

    "Once we've sent him, then we will go to Adurna, to deliver the dragon eggs that we have at the moment."

    The golden dragon behind her raised her huge head. 'I lay again soon, that is why we should go soon.'

    "Bizandra knows when things like this are to happen."


    Well here it is, the first chapter of this story. I know that there is not really much here, but I want you to all understand Lindan Marcos' loss of his first dragon, and then the hatching of something else....

    oops said too much..

    Feel free to discuss this chapter

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