Forces Collide

One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

    Challenge 4 Information


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    Challenge 4 Information Empty Challenge 4 Information

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:07 pm

    For a whole week you have been travelling in the woods, surrounded by elves who are taking you to meet their leaders, King Zelphar and Queen Laura. The humans have told tales of the elfin king and queen but none of them are freindly. They say that the two elves are ruthless and hate humans and half elves.
    Luckily they allow you into the city and you are allowed to live there. So much for being ruthless, they were actually quite kind and gentle. In fact amongst you, so you learn, was their daughter and heir, Gem Hawksong. Who would have guessed?

    Welcome to Anthatal. Some of you have family here and they eagerly await your return to them. Others of you do not and must start a life of your own. For those of you without families, being human may have its setbacks for you as the elves do not trust humans.

    Enter Anthatal
    speak to Zelphar and Laura, regardless of whether you have family or not in the city! [I will rp that bit for you, with you]
    Find a home or return to your parents

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