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    Nuban style Size chart


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    Nuban style Size chart Empty Nuban style Size chart

    Post  Erosaf on Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:31 am

    Well at last it has arrived.

    Nuban style Size chart Dragon_breeds_of_nuban_sizes_by_erosaf-d4cke4s

    A note towards the height of humans and elves in comparison to these guys.
    The tallest elf would reach the Moon Dragon's knees with the top of their head.
    Yeah really puts the sizes in retrospect doesn't it?

    In order of the heads
    Moon dragon - purple or red
    Day dragon - black, silver, brown
    Dawn dragon - gold, yellow's, bronze, orange
    Dusk Dragon - green, blue
    Sun Dragon - predominantly female, white

    Queen Gem Vestelle Hawksong
    married to Prince Consort Auraka Lamya - Dragon: Gaelira [Sun Dragon] - children: Meira, Pollae and Hyber [triplets]
    Queen Keya Ava Marcos
    in a relationship with Glenawing Dragon: Velatha [Dawn Dragon] - no children
    Earl Drannor Wistari Silverleaf
    married to Lady Sahar Ashia Lamya - dragon: Neldor [Dusk Dragon] - shifts into a golden bear - Children: Taeron and Kasinda [twins]
    Rhyllae-Ash Slenderbow
    in relationship with Kiiron - Dragon: Onyx [Day Dragon] - no children
    Stewardess Ashlere Nuala Evenadari
    in relationships with Faeron - Dragon: none - no children
    Lady Maith Soora Silverleaf
    no relationship - no dragon - shifts into a chocolate wolf - no children

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