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    Terskiel Naraien - Taror Elf - UNFINISHED

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    Terskiel Naraien - Taror Elf - UNFINISHED

    Post  Kanchana on Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:17 am

    Name:Terskiel Naraien

    Nicknames: Ter, Skiel (wolf self)

    Age:Unknown (has lived in forest for to long to remember)


    Race:Taror Elf

    Description:The deepest of purest blue orbs rest on his dirty, tanned skin. He is broader then any other elf seen, and of pure muscle. Many think he is half human, then again he might one knows his parents or who he is. His hair is dark brown, almost black in colour and sticks out in most directions and is haggard in form.

    Though, his wolf half he is most of the time is always neat. Built like a bear, he towers over most creatures (well apart from dragons) and as well as elves and humans. Though, he is rarely seen, tending to stay away from company. Refer to pic for more.


    History:His history is not known




    Image of Elf Self:

    Wolf Self:

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