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    Maith Silverleaf UNFINISHED


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    Maith Silverleaf UNFINISHED Empty Maith Silverleaf UNFINISHED

    Post  Erosaf on Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:00 am

    Name: Lady Maith Silverleaf of Taror

    Age: 33

    Gender: Female

    Race: Taror Elf

    Decription: Maith's a beautiful elf, when she choose to be an elf. Her skin is flawless, as is her appearence, like any elf. Her hair is long and black, reaching almost to her waist. She has misty grey eyes.
    As a wolf, she is huge, standing about seven foot tall though as an elf she is only five foot tall. Her fur is long and black, mixed with red streaks.

    Dragon: Volodar

    History: Maith has a sheltered history. She was born in the middle of winter, at the same time as a freind of her mother's gave birth to a son. As the freind of her mother could not raise the baby, for she died a few moments later, Soora took in the infant boy as her own, always saying that they were both Wistari's children.
    Because of this, Drannor and herself became very close and really are like twins to each other. When they were fifteen though, Drannor was exiled from Taror, and the seperation from him was hard on Maith.
    It was a good fifteen years later that they remet, when the two were thirty years old. Drannor had been sent to Taror on a job from Queen Gem. When battle came, Maith and her parents fought for their queen.
    But alas, not all of them survived. Maith lost her parents, and Drannor unbeknownst to him, became the orphan he had never known he was. It was Maith who found out about his true parents. When the elves left, she opted to stay behind, and has been running as a wolf ever since.

    cunning, sweet, gentle, freindly, nice. She was born into a family with no sons, therefore her parents title falls to her.



    Queen Gem Vestelle Hawksong
    married to Prince Consort Auraka Lamya - Dragon: Gaelira [Sun Dragon] - children: Meira, Pollae and Hyber [triplets]
    Queen Keya Ava Marcos
    in a relationship with Glenawing Dragon: Velatha [Dawn Dragon] - no children
    Earl Drannor Wistari Silverleaf
    married to Lady Sahar Ashia Lamya - dragon: Neldor [Dusk Dragon] - shifts into a golden bear - Children: Taeron and Kasinda [twins]
    Rhyllae-Ash Slenderbow
    in relationship with Kiiron - Dragon: Onyx [Day Dragon] - no children
    Stewardess Ashlere Nuala Evenadari
    in relationships with Faeron - Dragon: none - no children
    Lady Maith Soora Silverleaf
    no relationship - no dragon - shifts into a chocolate wolf - no children

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