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One world torn apart by war. Another to be discovered. Who is going to survive this battle?

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    Name: Saiathiel Kiantinu

    Age: 23 years

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half Human, Half Elf.

    Decription: Odd green eyes and red brown hair. Refer to pic for more.

    Dragon: None.

    History: Saiathiel has to be strong. She always has, and always will be. But it is her past that makes her so very strong, and the fear of showing weakness so great. With an Elven mother who left mere days after her birth, she was raised with an abusive and drunken human father.
    Her childhood was not a pleasant one, abused, tortured and even in some cases, raped, she had always had the hard path. Her father never cared, for he was the one behind most of it and of course, his drunk friends.
    Then, at the tender age of 16, she ran away. Unable to take it any more, she hides her half-human features and appears just as beautiful and as elegant as her other half, matching even the most beautiful Elven kind.
    Now, at the age of 23, she has seen most the world in her young years. Her father still searches, but is often to drunk to notice the clues right before him. To this day, she is strong, independent and refuses to listen to men.

    Personality: Saia is blunt to the 't'. Her words always have a ring of honesty, no matter the topic and she won't lie, rather enjoy to see the shocked expression upon your face. She is strongly independent and refuses to listen to men, untrusting of there selfish and idiotic ways.

    Family: Her father, who she will not name, and a unknown mother who left her at birth.

    Other: Saiathiel Kiantinu There__s_a_light_inside_us_all__by_HarlequinFever
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