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    Glenawing Aren Firesword


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    Glenawing Aren Firesword

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    What's your name?
    Glenawing Aren Firesword (Glen is his nick names.)

    Age, gender, race
    I am 26 and a half. I am about Six foot two one of the tall elves, my blood consists of the Lion elves; elves who are born to be leaders, philosophers and so on.

    Name and description of your favorite weapon

    My blade is strong forged with a metal which is quite rare, down the blade runs a flame design which is garnished with gold. The guards of this blade are two snarling dragons with a snarling lion for the pommel. It is a hand and a half grip with gold and white silver garnishing. The blade it self is about three feet long. The name of the sword is Agni which means fire in the ancient language.

    I am tall about Six foot two. I am muscle but nimble enough and lithe enough to sneak through enemy lines, my natural skin color is a tan and my hair is Jet black and fairly long. My face is angular and my ears are sharp tipped. My noes is hooked slightly and I have almond shaped eye which are brown. They seem to have a fire in them.

    Clothing Style

    I dress in my finest tunics and occasionally my robes I will normally always have my grieves and shin guards on and my chest plate over my golden tunic. I always carry my sword or the dagger of my Grandfather with me on my belt. My favorite colored tunics and leggings are my intricate designed war tunic which is embroidered with gold and white. I also wear a hood and a cape which is pure white except of the golden embroidering of a flame. In human regions I will always have a hood up. I also like a black tunic with golden embroidery.


    Describe the armor you wear? Is your family crest embellished anywhere? I remember you telling me but please put it here anyway

    My armor is even fit for a great King it is golden and white . My Helm has a small spike in the center of it that has a sun made of pure gold. The helm has a face guard
    My chest plate is made of the finest and hardest of gold and silver with a flame running along the sides of my Chest plate, Shoulder guards and so on. The area's which are not not embroidered with gold are pure white made of a rare metal called Chandini.

    Glenawing is a General of the Grand Elvin army and a council member. From the age of five he had began to train to fight, become a philosopher and a great strategist. He worked his way up in rank from a mere private to were he is now just as his father had done and his Grandfather had done. He gained his first weapon when he passed his formal training, the weapon was his grandfather's dagger who had died fighting King Marcos. Then after he attained the rank of a General at the age of Twenty two he gained the weapon his uses today his blade. Soon a girl named Melody fell in love with him and was to be married to him but Glenawing left the altar too look for his true love Gem, the princess. He searched for her for three years and in that he had gotten captured by Marcos, seen his cousin die and duel the dark king himself to narrowly escape in a bet.


    Glenawing is a Kind person but is also slightly arrogant and more then enough stubborn to embarrass a mule. He is known for his mercy and his honesty. He is known to have put his life before his men's and the ones he cares for. He dipises people who lie and cheat him and others and he will not stand for them at all. He is noble yet is annoyed by stupid questions. He is quite sarcastic and does not fear anyone and will tell them what he thinks of them sometimes rude but bluntly and straight to the point. If you have seen him enraged in battle you will truely nver want to duel Glen if you have angered him or it may lead to your demise.
    His Dragon is Veer. He is a mix of a Dusk Dragon and a Sun Dragon, his scales are gold and shine in the sun. He has his father's brute streghth and size and his mother's aglity and speed. He is formidable, wise, cunning and most of all caring for those he loves.

    Glenawing is an only child of two of the most famous nobles Arya Firesword and Aren firesword. His family has had a rich history that involved in molding and helping to create the elvin empire and the riders.

    Parents Occupations
    Aren Firesword. Former head Genaral the secound in command the to king and Queen now the head of the council of elders.
    Arya Firesword A noble and a former healer, she was good friends with the Queen.

    Relationships with Family members

    Glenawing has a sound relationship with his parents but will get into fights with his overly protective mother. Yet even with all those fights he still loves them dearly.

    Picture of him after battle with one of his more simple sets of armor.

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