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    Aerilaya Oakstaff


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    Aerilaya Oakstaff

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    Name: Aerilaya Oakstaff
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Decription: Though she is young by elven standards, she has seen much in her life. Her hair though red when she was born has been stained brown from her life so far, and her eyes, though once green, have grown to be a weary gold. She is heavily scarred all over and has a very weak body.
    Dragon: none
    History: Aerilaya has had a bad life so far. She was born to unwanting parents who abandoned her into an orphanage, before she even got to meet them. All she has from them is her name, and it is something she cares nothing for. 
    The orphanage she was sent to was one at the Nuduien stronghold and children there were used as servants by Lindan Marcos. She was given more to do than the others, due to her elven blood and her master's uncaring attitude towards her.
    She refused at times to do things right, so she was sent to a slave auction where she was bought and taken in the claws of Rhothilion himself into the mountains to her new master. A few times she has been whipped and beaten, and her face and arms are badly scarred.
    The grime on her arms seems to have become permanent, for when she was able to use magic, she managed to escape, though there is a brand on her shoulder blade, a fiery X that marks her as a slave, which she will never be able to get rid of.
    Personality: She is weary of all men, and does not like to be alone with them. She is afraid that someone will recognise her and take her back to her cruel human master, to the coal mine that she was being worked to death in.
    Family: Her mother and father have abandoned her, so she knows not who they are. She has no one.
    Other: none

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