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    Raiiel Lanalrin

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    Raiiel Lanalrin

    Post  Kanchana on Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:55 pm

    Name: Raiiel Lanalrin ~ Rai ~

    Age: Old - No one knows her age, but she is old.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human. But her great-grandmother was elven. So she has a small amount of elven blood in her.

    Description: She was short, standing at no more then 5ft 6. Long black tresses spilled down her back, flecked with greying strands; a tell tale sign of her aging body, pausing at around her generous hips and if straightened, would easily touch the ground. High arched cheek bones, pallid skins stretched loosely over the top. No freckles danced over her small nose. Her ears, were curved and show no sign of her possible elven heritage. Not suprisingly, she is rather strong due to her healing past and is used to working quickly and enjoys her space. Her eyes are bright sky blue, and are often tightened in a frown.
    She tends to dress in long skirts, often navy blue or black in colour, and loose fitting tops. Rai is not a thin human and is somewhat well rounded due to a long career and lack of physical work, tending to stick to more spells and staying in the house. She hates leaving it.

    Dragon: Amaircath [Amair] - Died many years before. Dawn Dragon.

    History: Raiiel has had a long life, no one actually knows just how old she truly is. Her family is dead, long before her and she has always been alone. She has never been in love, nor had children and at the death of her bonded partner [Amaircath] she seemed to disappear from the world, and many who knew her thought her dead. She had lived during the sexist times of Vander, and was one of the first female riders. During this time she had to fight for the right to be the strongest and prove the male kind that she was better then them, giving her a very stubborn streak. She had left Waenen Island after the death of her dragon and moved, unnoticed into the human capital of Nuduien some 200 years ago. Here she has lived ever since, healing with her knowledge of magical language and herbs, but only after many years of mourning of her bonded partner.
    Now, in the more modern age, she is alone and often referred to 'the old lady who is crazy' and lives in the house that 'scares everyone that walks past'. She is also called a 'crazy old witch' and rarely has company. Many people, even the neighbours, believe her house is haunted seeing as they never seen the owner, only the lights that appear at night and the silent white wolf that sometimes appears in the yard.

    Personality: Raiiel is a lonely soul, and somewhat regrets being that way. She is out there, having no times for niceties and dislikes the younger, ruder generation. No one knows her past, nor do they care to take the time and learn it. Given respect, she will return it if she believes you are worthy. She is a little crazy, due to long periods of time by herself and often mutters quietly to herself and her pet, Silwen. She has a soft spot for dragons and will always hold them in the highest of respect, depending on the kind and how they treat her, and will never say no to help save one. She knows just how hard it is to live without your bonded, and would never wish such a life upon anyone. Even the cruellest of people. She is stubborn to the bone, due to her sexist past and believes that woman can do anything men can do.

    Family: None. All dead. Has a pet - Silwen - who is a white wolf.



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    Re: Raiiel Lanalrin

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