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    Blue Claudia Waters


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    Blue Claudia Waters

    Post  ala on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:32 pm

    Name: Blue Claudia Waters

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Decription: She has short black hair, her skin is tanned and her eyes are a mysterious blue.

    Dragon: None

    History: My life started quite bad really. My mother died soon after giving birth to me, so i never knew her. My father took care of me and my older twin sisters, but soon after i turned 9 things started going even more down hill one of my older sisters fell greatly ill and died that winter. Dad couldn't take it any more and gave the two of us to his sister. I was sad to watch him go and whats more that was the last i had heard of him. My aunt took us in and we lived well for many years. I was now 15. My and my older sister were very close now and we did every thing together. Then one day we went for a walk out in the hill side, as we walked i heard the yelping of a dog and i started to run towards it. My sister was right behind me and when we saw the the pup in a trap. I cried out then went over and got the little thing out of the trap and held it close. I knew it was in the lest part wolf but i did not care. My sister got rid of the trap and we ran home.

    Our aunt saw what we had and she wanted us to kill her but i was stubborn and Rose took my side. We kept her safe, then one day me and my sister were talking about what to name the little thing when our aunt came in and took my sisters arm and pulled her away. I grabbed the pup and ran after them then i saw why. There was a man waiting, he took Rose and put her on his horse. I knew then that i would never see Rose again and that she would never chose whom she married. I cried alot and then i looked to the little black pup in my arms. I called her Rose after my sister. My aunt started talking crazy she said she would get rid of me to another man.

    Two years later my dog Rose and i were playing in the back yard when my aunt grab my arm and looked into my eyes, with a large grin. I tried to pull away but her hold was great. I cried, then something happened. I watched as Rose growled and jumped at my aunt and bit her arm. She let me go and i started to run into the hills. I looked back Rose had bitten her again and then was after me as fast as she could. I hid away with Rose close by i knew that she was more like my sister then i had first thought. It was not long after that did i find a town in which i stole a horse. The stallion was a large dun. I sole him because he reminded me of my father. I rode far from there in the next half year. Me, my part wolf Rose and my horse Hige, we all ran into knew lands and soon we found a pace we liked but would we be able to stay here and must we go on the run again hiding in the forests.

    Personality: She is stubborn be on belief, But she cares for those who she loves. She will protect all that needs it and would give her life for whom she loves. She is loyal and has a habit of pretending to be a boy to get a little work and food.

    Family: Mother dead never knew, Father missing, Rose taken, Violet dead

    Other: heres a pic of her

    and this is Rose her part wolf


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    Re: Blue Claudia Waters

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